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Thread: The Older "Survivors"

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    CaNaDiAn FaN

    The Older "Survivors"

    Only 3 people are 40+ age wise. Looks like it will be a younger group again.

    I was wondering how far everyone thinks the older ones will go.
    I don't see them making it far.

    They have physical competitions, and lots of them.
    Quite often in early stages of the game, you're voted off because the tribe needs to be strong.
    I don't see older ones *cough*Rupert*cough* helping if its a race to the finish that determines the winner of the competition.

    What does everyone else think??

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    Rupert is under 40. But Trish and Andrew look like they're in good shape. They look like they're in better shape than some of the younger ones.

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    CaNaDiAn FaN
    Quote Originally Posted by scooberoo
    Rupert is under 40.
    hes almost 40, and with the younger cast, he can be considered one or the "older ones"
    i just used 40+ as an example of how young the cast was this season

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