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Thread: Your favorite/least favorite survivor?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fluff
    Hmmm, too early to say for me yet.
    I'm loving Rupert at the moment just because he looks so different from anyone else.
    I love Rupert - he seems like a "real' person. :eat

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    Burton is eyecandy...so he's my favorite to see around.

    I dislike...JON. he's too much and full of himself.

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    Dave Cullen
    Very early, not so much to go on, but what the hell:

    Faves: Rupert, Osten, Sandra (maybe), Ryan O maybe (he might be funloving and fun--just a few glimpses so far)

    Scum: Jon (worst!), Burton, Shawn, Andrew, Lillian

    A lot of the women are blending together still. A lot of the guys are sticking out because they're being such dicks. Hopefully Burton and Shawn are just working out their early testosterone, cause I sure do like looking at them. But they're acting like assholes so far.

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    I like Rupert...he is pretty funny. Jon got on my nerves. Lillian did too.

    Everyone else...I don't know, I'm having trouble keeping them stright
    I could go east, I could go west, it was all up to me to decide. Just then I saw a young hawk flyin' and my soul began to rise. ~Bob Seger

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    Dave Cullen
    Quote Originally Posted by Rab
    He just better wear something when that thing needs washing. -_-
    Really? Naked all season would be great, but what's with the big blur bubbles? I understand they can't show us any frontsides, but how about a little ass. Buttcheeks have been shown on TV many times before. Couldn't they just blur the crack?

    (And was it my imagination or did they make Osten's blur bubble chocolate colored? Was that necessary?)

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    favorite Rupert
    Least favorite Jon

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    Rupert is awesome!

    he reminds me of Hagrid from the Harry Potter movies.

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    LOVE LOVE LOVE Rupert the pirate and Sandra the negotiator!

    HATE HATE HATE Jon the comidiot and Osten the stripper!

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    Like 'em: Rupert

    Don't like 'em: Christa (sorry it's the voice), Tijuana (didn't like how she acted in the market, I suspect Nicole may have been right), Jon (funny for the first 5 minutes then annoying as hell)

    The rest of them I will wait and see, I didn't feel one way or the other about them. Looks like it will be a great season!!!

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    Early favorites: Rupert (he's from Indiana, like me, and he's down to earth), Ryan S. (the underdog) and Sandra (she was good at the market).
    Least favorites: Jon (seems obnoxious),Christa (hate the way she talks, and Andrew (bossy and conceited).
    Looks to be a great season with interesting contestants.

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