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Thread: Burton Roberts

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    Aside from the Julia Roberts/Country music thing, I think this guy seems alright. He looks like someone...but I can't think of who it is...I hate that!

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    spoiler-free zone
    With one Scout on each team, they should have fire on day one.

    I just hope the Scouts don't get bossy.

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    This guy looks like a hottie.
    But that "Jackass" thing, it's not good...

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    I like!

    Any man originally from Texas and likes Julia and Country Music is OK in my book.... He's defiantely a reason to watch!

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    Foggy Doggy
    Quote Originally Posted by lobeck
    Um, Fluff...*tapping on shoulder*...shouldn't that be "ladies and Lobes"?
    And Foggy

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    Foggy Doggy
    Quote Originally Posted by John
    He has all-around appeal, and I think it'll serve him well. He raises cattle, has a Masters, works for a dot-com, and mountain bikes.
    He sounds too good to be true.....I just hope he turns out to be a nice guy, and not a self-absorbed "pretty-boy".

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    Foggy Doggy
    Quote Originally Posted by diva3000
    the magazine choice always define them.

    The guys seem to be so typical pigs. Maxim, stuff -these are the safer versions of playboy and penthouse. They can say them without sounding like total sleeze.

    The ladies aren't as bad. I don't see as many, Redbook and Good Housekeeping or LHJ.j

    Still missing someone who will say Out or Instinct. No gay guys in three seasons! Boring!
    Yes, it does seem to be strange that with all the "gay" shows out there this year, that Survivor seems to be discriminating against gays.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sheela
    With one Scout on each team, they should have fire on day one.

    I just hope the Scouts don't get bossy.
    Exactly! The Eagle Scout versus The Scout Troop Leader from Ohio (Big Lill)

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    first of all HONEY!!! At least that is what he looks like from the beginning. Get these guys on an island and they look like crap one week into it and thank GOD they haven't make TV with a smellmevison.
    This Favorite TV Shows are: Seinfeld, Jackass, The O'Reilly Factor. Okay, some of these aren't bad but you have to wonder about a 31 year old watching Jack ass and actually listing it on his BIO. Also this guy is a HEALTH NUT- my example
    Cereals: Basic 4, Smart Start
    Fruits: Mango, strawberries
    Snack Foods: Corn nuts, chips & salsa
    But either way I like him. I think he will go far. If he doesn't pull a Hunter and try to be the leader off the bat
    ~When life give you lemons, pour yourself some vodka and use the lemons for a garnish~

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    fluff said:
    Oh dear, he likes Jackass, The O'Reilly factor, Maxim and Stuff

    Seems like a conservative. But he's cute; I like him.

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