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Thread: So, Survivor 7 begins September 18, 2003...

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    Jughead Jones

    So, Survivor 7 begins September 18, 2003...

    So, any ideas of what'll happen in the Pearl Islands?

    Any hint of what the marooning will be like? They said it's gonna be totally different, and that each tribe will have their own island.

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    The race is back! John's Avatar
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    From the spoilers I've heard, the tribes will live on 2 separate islands, and tribal council will be on a third. The Council is supposed to look like a Spanish mission.

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    Idea about marooning...

    maybe they'll make em walk off a plank...since this season it's got a pirate theme...plus the name of the tribes are based on famous Pirates like Drake, Morgan...and there's a rumor that the merge tribe name is going to be Balboa...dont quote me on this one though...i just read it somehwere

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    umm... can anyone tell me when was the premiers for S6? because we do get in here in Asia well at leeast where I live... but we got the premier of S6 during the start of February so I want to know how long it's delayed till we get it

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