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Thread: Episode 7 - Promo Vid caps

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    my guess is that the survivors are paired up for some reward challenge.. some sort of like the one in S3 where brandon/frank won ..

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    Hmmm, good idea, I didn't think of that at all.

    If there is a merge the reward challenge is usually dispensed with for that episode, but as the title fo this episode tells us, we cannot make assumptions about what will happen.
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    oh and btw... doesnt ken look hot with that purple paint strip down his chest?? *swoon*
    I have no ideas about what will happen, but yes Ken looks amazingly hot in that picture.
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    just finished watching episode 5 of survivor.. yeah i dunno why aust's lagging .. but we're 2 weeks behind.. oohh and i oh so love ken's voice when he was bidding and his comment during the tribal council.. so sexy .. its like after evey episode i'll like him even more.. gosh ...
    hmmm but it felt funny watching the show when i knew whats gonna happen already (from reading the recaps and stuff).. but its also good cos i can just concentrate on looking at ken and still know whats happening .. hes soooo gorgeous
    ... oops.. sorry .. im still on a high from watching that show..

    hmm anyway .. i dun even think this is an appropriate thread to post rite? sorry again ..
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