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Thread: Jenna and Heidi in this month's Playboy

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    Jenna and Heidi in this month's Playboy

    Not as impressive as I had hoped. Sometimes less is more and they should have kept their clothes on. I guess Heidi has decided not to be a teacher/coach anymore.

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    Heidi and Jenni were on WRIF this morning. The DJ's were basically drooling as they talked them on the phone. They also talked alot about being at some strip bar and getting lap dances bought for them. Jenna and Heidi also plann on going with someone else from Survivor (person not named) to New Zealand when they are done doing this tour they are doing for Survivor. Jenna sound ok, Heidi had this wispy baby voice going.

    As soon as they hung up the DJ's starting ripping on Heidi's voice or as they kept saying "the Trista voice" and how much they hated it.
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    Ick... Heidi was hideous, and her personality certainly added to that distinction. I haven't really kept up with contestants after the show... have any other girls posed, or guys?

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