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    Greetings ...

    Please let me introduce myself to you. My name is "The ChillOne". Some of you may have heard of me ... others might not have. For those who have not heard of me, I was the originator of a rather "large" S6 spoiler this past season. In any case, I'm posting to announce the launch of my website to promote my soon-to-be published book, Truth or Hoax? ... based on that same spoiling experience. It should be out this Fall. My story will cover my travels to the Amazon and the S6 spoiling season. It will be a fun, easy to read book focusing heavily on my massive, 4000+ post message board thread. Please feel free to check-out my website and sign-up for my e-mailing list. More book information can be found there.


    Also, if you like what you see, I encourage you to please tell others about my site. I'm self-promoting my book and could use all the help I can get.

    Thank you for the support.

    - The ChillOne

    P.S. I can be e-mailed via my website if interested.

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    Not sure how to take this. I mean in one sense, this really is spam and if it weren't for the fact that you are "ChillOne" I am sure this may have been deleted.

    Not like I speak for this forum or any members/admin etc. just interesting. I read that whole 190+ page thread over at the sucks forum, and still not sure what to make of it. You really did nail some things right on the head, and the betting scandle seemed to back you up. Also I was amazed at how many hostile idiots posted over there and I am amazed nobody decides to crash that site to tell the truth.

    But whatever, it would be interesting to see everything from beggining to end, especially since i have never in my life seen such a response to something that had only to do with a television show.

    Either way I though you made things interesting so here is a question.

    Do you intend to post at this site at all or is this just self glorifying spam? Again, that is my question, not the admins or board members.

    Peace out.


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    SuperJude, although you have no way of knowing the backstory, ChillOne kindly e-mailed me to ask permission to post this before doing so.

    I guess that's my way of reminding people not to assume things just because they don't see what goes on.

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    I think the "ChillOne Saga" was some of the best stuff ever, don't get me wrong. The guy posts some tidbits and man it hit the net like a ton of bricks. Then the rumours of him being MB, or Rob from season 6, or a CBS plant or even a Survivor hater ran rampant and it so amused me that I actually remembered this persons username.

    I think something written about this matter would be great. The internet is about education and entertainment, so I was entertained and educated about how seriously some people take a show that has nothing to do with their personal lives. I really think the ChillOne thread should be required reading myself, and my question about spam was legitimate of course.

    Either way, rock on, I'll check the site out myself.


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