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Thread: Return of Snoops

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    Return of Snoops

    Well for those who haven't read them here they are one more time:

    ---- Well its almost time, and I'm sure you are waiting by your tv with your MaiTai in hand, for the next go round. The first and most pressing question is -who is the female contestant , who was disqualified during orientation? Reportedly because her behavior was too wild.Could Carey have chased Markie around with a baseball bat? More wild than Rich's penchant for displaying his flabby fat butt , or Franks performance with the deer horns ? Who was the last minute replacement?

    Well, all in due time I guess.

    Of course , Tanya Vance.We all know her father was killed in a car accident ,and flew home immediately.It was announced that the game was already "wrapped up"when she was sent home, when by all of the calendars of when it was supposedly shot, it was F3 day. So if you were anal, and keeping careful track day by day, you are off by a few days.

    Weight loss is usually a good indicator of length of time in game, because lets face it, they stuff themselves till they when they reach loser lodge.These survivors so far, have been reported as Survivor weight loss superstars.

    Erin -Jeff Probst was quoted on a KDKB radio interview as saying "You know, this season we've got one even bigger -- well, you know, when you've got boobies that have, uh, implants -- when you lose a lot of weight, those don't get any smaller." So I
    guess thats Probst's way of saying he stared at Erins boobs for a while in the game.

    Pat Glover- was reported by "a Navy source", to have lost 35 pounds. I think she stays for awhile . This also tells us she's still active Navy, so she must be in good shape to continue to be a swimming survival instructor. Look for an ace in water challenges unless the dreaded swimming instuctor who can't swim curse hits her. ( Like it did Kelly W, Keith,Frank etc.)

    Jan- The Probster was quoted in the St.Petersberg times as saying during the casting ( To avoid another Pat (S4)I presume)"We tried to push her buttons and convince
    her she couldn't make it," he added. "But she performed so well in the physical and mental tests, she surprised us. . . . We couldn't find a reason not to take her."
    The former secretary who survived working for Martina Navratilova, was mysteriously missing from her home . Her "friends then saw their noticeably thinner colleague at McKitrick Elementary's recent back-to-school barbecue, and the questions began." So we have endurance AND weight loss - good signs for a long stay

    Ted- was reported by a Surviiivor.com poster, as being a contestant by a neighbour, way before the official announcement . The posting included the info that Ted Rogers lost fifty pounds on Survivor. "He left weighing about 320 and got down to like 265." So I guess Paulies computer nerd did ok and probably wasn't the first boot.Oh yeah he's a nice guy that doesn't drink.

    Next most important thing, and I know it is, is the gross food challenge. Now I know Markie and Jiffy have gone all over and said "all new challenges", I say Bull.
    There is no way that they would give up having castaways dig into this delectableThai treat -

    Another amazing thing that occured to me , what better place to have a Thai kickboxing challenge than , well Thailand . Maybe yes , maybe no - but I'd have paid cash to see Kelly and Sue S1
    do that - ( don't get started Paulie - Real kickboxing)

    The consensis around the net sniffers, is that Pastor John is a good candidate for first torch snuff.Just leave that Christian flag to keep out the monsoon rains .It is after all monsoon season and even though Vee's gone, we all know God cares about who wins Survivor.
    Our resident soft porn star / used car salesman Brian is the candidate for the one who will stop at absolutely nothing to win. Look for stabs in the back from that one, and from our first Asian contestant, self proclaimed Shiidevil who works as a HEADHUNTER.Thats someone who helps one company steal top execs from another company ,by making them offers they can't refuse (she lies cheats and steals for a living)

    Will our cheerleader Penny who was purportedly busted for dope, and our this time hunky " manditory old guy" Jake(with 9 grandchildren) ,hook up a la Paps-Neleh Rodger/Lis?
    Don't think so .This guy old or no, looks hot ,and will certainly with his survival training last longer than BB.

    Our all around good guys, that no one can say a bad word about ,are Clay and Jed . Will the dentist that needs no novocaine cause he's so good looking, or the homey home
    town food dispenser get the boot first? Clay is described by fellow townspeople as a little guy in "pretty good shape".Well my question is ,more importantly- can he cook? There's reportedly again - no rice - (to screw up). No, chef Clay, will have to cook on the fly . He obviously couldn't do a great job, because no matter how far he got, the castaways reportedly starved . Who of this very pretty group will have their hair fall out? If you think Jed's got longevity, think Silas - ah but Jed has a brain . Home town boys do well, think our Tommy.

    And well, just where is Robb gonna use that skateboard? I still think back at loser lodge. I didn't find anything more about our "most eligable with NO money" Scottsdale Arizona snowboarder, other than that he is a bad liar. That made me think he had a snowballs chance in the desert.

    The Firefighter and the Cop match made in publicity heaven? Well our firefighter Stephanie ,who is a self descibed exibitionist who is rude , crude and reads Maxim - and our hunky man in blue Ken, who has a pretty thin bio, other than he's a wanna be actor with a degree in sports medicine, do NOT fit together.She's our best contender for our token gay contestant. If she's straight, well he's too pretty and she's too tough.At least the mystery degree in sports medicine will come in handy if we have a sprain from the challenges.

    Ghandia Love that name - really . Nothing much to report other than that "cool do" ,is because hubby owns a hair salon. They also own a bar in Denver called Sly's :::cough - Paulie or any other Denverites- cough::: Well, we all know what happened to the last organized personality type African American gal ,with the unusual name who snuck into the game UTR.


    When I saw Shii Ann's choice of reading material, I made a comment , that I wouldn't put it past Markie to kill two birds with one stone tokenwise, and have a gay asian contestant. According to the Berkley Press,"Huang was actively involved with the Berkeley College Republicans and the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Alliance at UC Berkeley. They also reported "Huang ran for ASUC senator under the platform "free and anonymous AIDS testing at the Tang Center," which was implemented in January 1998.Not that there's any thing wrong with those choices, its just that coupled with her reading choice of Maxim, raises at least one of my eyebrows.Anyone with a gaydar care to speculate? The Berkley article also added, quoting a friend "One thing I know about her is she is very smart and a bright person," she also said. "I would imagine she would be very good at anything she put her ends to."and that Huang would be "cutthroat when necessary," citing a heated argument with Cal-SERVE senators over a proposed bill.

    According to Jake Billingsley's son, when he heard Michael Skupin, a contestant on the Australian edition of the show, say that anyone 50 years or older couldn't hack it on Survivor, he was all the more determined to succeed.He added "He's got the ability to keep going until he gets what he wants." I never heard Skupin say that, but I guess he never saw the first edition with the ever popular Rudy, who at 72, outwitted outplayed and outlasted til the final 3

    Penny Ramsey was married on Sept. 1, labor day weekend, to Matt Otwell of Plano. The wedding guests included fellow survivors Erin, Ken,Jed , and Jake . , who all spent the weekend together in Dallas. They have remained good enough friends with Penny to attend her wedding. Ken is the only one not from Texas, so it may indicate a Texas alliance.Then again it could be time spent together at loser lodge. Both Penny and Matt , tried out for Survivor: Africa ,and made it to the call-back auditions , but only Penny tried out for S5.

    Jed Hildebrands brother Sloan, was quoted by the Dallas Morning News, as saying "Jed has a very subtle way of getting what he wants, which could be a good thing in the game," , "He'll use that to his advantage because he's really good with people." He also said his brother has a knack for "turning situations to his advantage".
    Another local source has some differing information on that for sure.They were happy to report that Jed returned home from his "Mission Trip" as he told others, fit with no visible signs of weight loss. This would indicate, that perhaps things did not go his way.
    Apparently rather than the nice Christian boy with high morals he is trying to portray, he gives the impression to some who have known him, of a cruel, heartless, caniving spoiled brat.He allegedly, has performed all kinds of scams and cheats, as well as taking advantage of everyone including friends,teachers, students, staff. Then, as was the case with his famous smoking gun.com DUI ,had his father ,(Who IS apparently a nice guy ), bail him out of trouble.If he's booted early ,it's because he was not very successful in hiding this side of his personality.

    Robb the bartender ,wants plenty of sex on the beach, and NOT the vodka fruit drink concoction.He was quoted as saying "I mean, Iím girl crazy. I'm 23 years old. I'm out to get lucky. Girls are a huge part of my life." Other single guy, New York City police officer Ken Stafford says, "Chicks dig the uniform. They really do." We'll see how the ladies react to that tag team.

    Every other player ever on Survivor has kept it quiet when they have gone away to film , except apparently Tanya Vance. The news she was accepted, caused quite a stir at the CAC, where co-workers watched Vance's audition tape together.They then threw her a going-away party before she left for filming. Employees each took individual pictures with Vance so they could carry them in their purses and say, "Look! We really know Tanya!" So much for confidentiality, as someone leaked the info. Her participation was known to the web community early on. Co workers described Vance as a hard worker who often bought toys for the children with her own money.With what happened at the end, I can't help but wish her well in the game.

    My personal favorite ex-survivor Brandon ,said from what he's heard " that it was a miserable shoot for the crew, dealing with the monsoons and staying in the the worst living conditions ever" He was told the production crew had to sleep in hammocks because of the danger of cobras. He also said he had heard stories similar to the other reports, about this bunch of castaways being "really difficult" ,and "a hard group to be around"Brandon indicated "that could have taken its toll on the crew as well".
    Dan Bollingers great Map from S5

    Map of the island

    About those snakes- I 'm glad I didn't apply for this round, and I'm not going to apply for the next. Survivor Maps wizard, Dan Bollinger has the Amazon site for Survivor 6 up already. Here's another one of Dan's great satellite pics of the new location.

    Map of the jungle ::shiver::

    We are glad everyone is enjoyed the "snoops". If you want to quote us, please give us a link at www.fansofrealitytv.com .If you have a real scoop on someone, e-mail me at enygmaaa@msn.com

    I assure your anonymity
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    Snoops 3 up soon

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    Excellent Eny, it's so good to have some background info and exclusives.
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