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Thread: Australian Survivor (Season 4)

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    Australian Survivor (Season 4)

    I've had the opportunity to watch the fourth season of Australian Survivor (it's actually the second season with this host/format, the first two seasons were in 2002 and 2006).

    It's 100% a clone of the American show, with a lookalike host. They used a lot of the same challenges (not sure if the two shows share some of the production team), but did introduce many creative challenges - especially for individual immunity.

    It had it's share of gimmicky twists, like a double elimination that actually turned into a mini tribe swap and a 'super-idol' that had two parts, one part was a regular idol, the other could remove an idol after it was played. They also had a "mutiny" option at a tribal council, that instead of voting someone out, a single tribe member could opt to switch tribes.

    But in many ways it was a throwback, and tougher challenge.

    24 contestants, 2 tribes, 55 days.

    The best part about it IMO, was the sportsmanship. The strategic play was deep - and there were plenty of blindsides, but I've yet to see a player not wish the rest of the tribe good luck.

    They also ran the show in blocks, often showing new episodes 2-3 days in a row. So it was a bit like a weekly binge.

    I have to say, I've really enjoyed it - maybe in part due to the accents . The Australians also don't mind a bit of bad language - so I've had to be careful if the kids are in the room.

    If any of you have a VPN, the shows are streamable from Channel 10 in Australia.

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    Re: Australian Survivor (Season 4)

    I loved it when Tessa instantly went $500 for the avocado toast in the auction. There's a stereotype in Australia that that millennials love avocado toast to an unhealthy degree. Sarah's saltiness over not getting picked for the spa was funny too, as was Michelle going to rocks over Mexican food.

    Also, "ANNALISE!!!!"
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