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Thread: Survivor: Guatemala 9/15 recap: Deja Vu All Over Again

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    Great Job Lucy! Can't wait till next week!

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    Excellent recap Lucy!! I love "Nakumians"! Looking forward to more, great job!
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    I watched the show but you did such a fantastic job recapping the whole thing, I had a better time reading your version. CBS really needs to shake things up a bit. About twenty minutes into the show, I was thinking, why am I watching this?

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    Thanks, Lucy. Great as usual!

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    Thanks for doing such a great job, Lucy. I thought I had this setup to record, but I put in the wrong channel .
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    Thanks, Lucy! I watched the show but your recap was even better!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucy
    Jeff also warns current conditions in the area include dangerous wildlife of the spider, snake and crocodile variety. Seriously, that’s when I would have turned back for home, right there. Also, high temperatures and high humidity complete the recipe for what sounds to me more like Survivor: Hell.

    18 People, 2 Compasses, 482,394 Spiders, 92,495 Snakes, 3 injuries

    While the branch looks pretty small, it scratched Blake’s shoulder and he carries on like he got hit by a whole tree.

    Jeff unveils the immunity idol, which is meant to look like a Mayan statue (I assume that it’s a fake, and not chipped off a temple somewhere).
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    Fantastic recap, Lucy Liu! You know what I'm going to say, don't you? "I love the sub-headings!!" <---me...quoting....me. You KNOW you are the mastah! And...fantastic sig line.

    This thing is stupid with quote opportunities, so I'll just say, "yow! Woot woot!" <---audible. Fantastic recap!
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    Fantastic recap, Lucy! My Tivo didn't remember that I had a season pass to Survivor last season, so I completely missed the episode, but with your recap, I feel like I didn't miss a thing. Super job.
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    Thank you, thank you, Lucy. As you know, my freaking flight (which had been PLANNED around Survivor) was delayed and I missed the premiere episode. As LG. said, though, your recap was like I was right there. Brilliantly done.

    Some of my favorite lines (out of many):

    Quote Originally Posted by Lucy
    “Sweet! Finally they’re taking this game seriously!” Alas, this premiere episode did not bring us any sign of organized blood sacrifice. .

    Also, high temperatures and high humidity complete the recipe for what sounds to me more like Survivor: Hell.

    while their new tribes applaud far more enthusiastically than I would have if I got to be on Survivor, only to be upstaged by people who already had their shot.

    18 People, 2 Compasses, 482,394 Spiders, 92,495 Snakes, 3 injuries

    The noise reminds someone of the movie “Predator,” which is not a thought one ever wants to have while lost in a dark jungle at night.

    It’s a Walk to the Finish

    More people are throwing up, and Blake, Bobby Jon, Judd and someone else are down for the count. Interestingly, all the women seem fine.

    but various people are looking at the sick guys, who litter the ground like fallen trees, and thinking that one of them should be the one to go.

    “We might send home one of these crippled broke-down guys,” Brandon says, delicately. Brandon really said that?

    Like the others, she seems to be suggesting that it’s not the people moaning on the ground.

    Clearly it has occurred to Judd that sick men are marked men.
    Great job! And I think I had "Mystery of the Maya"
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