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Thread: Lydia

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    Quote Originally Posted by mountaingirl70
    One thing I have noticed is her hair...it always looks pretty darn good for being out in the jungle. (Mine after a week of camping is a sight to behold... )
    I was thinking the same thing during the last episode! Maybe she just has naturally fluffy hair or something. Mine would be a stringy mess after two days...
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    I am definitely a Lydia fan but every time I hear her name, I have this damn jingle going through my head:

    "Lydia, oh Lydia, oh have you seen Lydia...the queen of the tattooed ladies!!!"

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    Lydia's popularity

    I love Lydia. I can't believe her popularity at the CBS website is so low. She has been going down each episode. If you ask me she should be going up. Every week she has shown herself to be a survivor. I vote for her every week but it doesn't look like many others are. If you are starting to get into Lydia please go to cbs and vote for her. She is one of the hardest workers, every one seems to like her and she proved last week to really pull her tribe together and get them into a team spirit and it worked they won immunity. To me she has the right kind of attitude you need for survivor. I really don't get why everyone thinks she is a weak player, she hasn't really performed that badly in challenges. She did have the one game that she didn't know what a pick was ( like most of us) but you could tell she was really trying in that challenge. It's to bad that there are no swimming challenges this season. Lydia is a strong swimmer and swims three times a week. I'm sure she was counting on that skill to help her in the challenges and she hasn't been able to use it, maybe once they start having individual challenges she may be able to do better. I would think a swimmer may have a chance at some of the endurance type challenges.

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    Catfish - I think the reason Lydia isn't high on the popularity poll is for a couple of reasons. 1) Overshadowed by Stephanie... like everyone else is. 2) She's mostly high up on everyone's "favorites" lists, but not #1 on a lot of them, and since we can only vote for our favorite, she doesn't get as many votes. I think if CBS used the old method of ranking everbody on 1-10, she'd be way up there.

    I vote for her every time I go to the CBS page, and I'm surprised how her rankings have fallen every week too. Hopefully "the pancake" will help bring up her position, seeing as most of the people do like her.

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    Also you got to remember that the poll results for last Thursday's episode won't be posted until this Friday morning. The poll results are only updated once a week.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mountaingirl70
    Maybe I have selective memory, but I don't recall Lydia being SUCH a detriment in any of the challenges? She always seemed to be trying really hard and I liked her from the start. She seems nice enough...not bitchy, whiney or catty. And she is a very hard worker ...(I cannot stand laziness). One thing I have noticed is her hair...it always looks pretty darn good for being out in the jungle. (Mine after a week of camping is a sight to behold... )
    I think she's awesome as well. Not sure where the detriment to challenges argument came from but no one is going to be 100% perfect in all challenges. See Steph and Judd's performance in the ax throwing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Molly2
    You are so right stacerace. She has already been a bitch to Brianna, and the previews for tomorrow night show her making fun of somebody else. If you saw BB6, remember Ivette? Every week Ivette hated someone else and trash-talked about them behind their back to the other members of her team and told everyone how annoying they were, and how she couldn't stand them, etc., etc, etc. Lydia is just like Ivette. There will always be someone she doesn't like. She will not look at them, she will not talk to them, and she will give them a hard time just like she did Brianna. I liked Lydia until I saw how she treated Brianna. Now I want her off, off, off!!
    Bye Bye, Lydia! Bye Bye!!

    What?! When did Lydia trash talk anyone? So she didn't like Brianna, big deal ~ I don't think anyone on the tribe did. The girl was lazy at camp & in challenges. Plus, when did it become wrong to campain to save yourself when you know you're on the chopping block?
    Lydia = Ivette? That's a leap that would require quantum physics.
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    Did Lydia win some sort of reward that allowed her to leave the show for a week or something? Was she there? Again she survives as the weakest on the tribe because of the need to get rid of someone that was bringing on the bad vibes. She seems have an angel on her shoulder & may stick around for a long time to come.

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    She's always been high, if not the highest, on my list of favorites. She's ALWAYS working hard and I don't think a single hair on her head has been out of place since the show started. It looks course.

    Anywho.. I hope she's one of the final four.. she's definately (so far) worked her ass off enough to be there.
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    Comparing Lydia to Ivette?

    That is totally wrong!

    Lydia trys to boost team morale! All Ivette did was be jealous of the others (mostly Janelle!)
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