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Thread: Preparation - or how hard is it to practice lighting a fire?

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    Another Lurker Delurks

    I have to assume that all three tribes felt they had a chance at winning fire either in a challenge or get it in TC. Since they mentioned working on it for "several hours a day" if they really thought they needed to start fire to survive I would expect them to work on it quite a bit more. Especially the first day or two when they should have energy.

    The rule of 3's ie surviving for only three days without water would indicate that they are drinking water from someplace. They stated that the survivors were given canteens, did the canteens have water in them?

    It looks likesome at least did "study" how to make fire, but not necessarily practice it on a tropical beach setting.

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    They probably thought that they would be given something to help them, not just a machete and a 'bucket'. They thought they would be on the same Survivor they were the first time so didn't try to make one themselves before filming. Plus, a few of these people were on tribes who started the fire for them, so they'd never done it before.

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    I'm really disappointed that Rudy wasn't able to start a fire. After all, he is an ex-Seal and would have had survival training.

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    I had to laugh at Rob Mariano, though. Morning, day 2. You've just woken up. Rob says: "I *have* been working on the fire, every day since we've been here!"

    Uh, Rob, that means once.

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    I think given that it seems to be the rainy season, there is a lot of wet wood lying about, so I agree with stargazer.

    They should put some kindling in their shelter overnight, and lay it out to dry during the day. They were getting smoke, so the wood just wasn't dry enough.
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    Quote Originally Posted by StarryElf
    Even if they could manage to sneak in something to help with fire, wouldn't the cameras catch them using it? I assume that would be trouble for the person sneaking something in.
    Yeah, I don't think they're allowed to smuggle anything into the game...which is why the beef jerky thing was so ridiculous back in S2.
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    About glasses

    You can only light fires with glasses from a far-sighted person, because those focus the light. If Kathy is like me, nearsighted, the glasses spread the light.

    from http://www.dur.ac.uk/r.g.bower/Optic...ec/node21.html


    Why Lenses and Mirrors Focus Light

    A focusing lens (better called a converging lens) is thicker at the centre. Light rays passing through the center take longer to travel through the lens than light-rays on the other parts. From a wavefront view-point, the expanding wavefronts from the source become contracting wavefronts that converge on the object. From the view point of Fermat's Principle, all light-ray from the source to the objects have the same optical path length. Although the path along the optical axis (ie., the axis of the lens' symmetry) has the shortest geometric distance, it also has to travel through the greatest thickness of glass. The simplest lenses of this type have two convex surfaces, although planar-convex, convex-planar and even concave-convex surfaces would have (approximately) the same effect if the glass thickness varied in the same way.

    A focussing mirror has a concave curved surface. Again, it reflects the expanding wavefront back so that it becomes a converging wavefront. Alternatively, the geometric paths lengths are the same for all rays between source and object.

    Lenses and mirrors can also be made that diverge light-rays. Lenses of this type are thinner at the center. Mirrors of this type have a convex reflecting surface.

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    I was thinking. Even though I did not see any rocks in the area. Wouldn't it be smart to try and lodge a small smooth pebble (Stones can store heat longer than wood) into the wood to keep the heat in the wood while doing that thingy everyone seems to be such a fan of? I have never started a fire from scratch but I would think they had no problem creating (heat) they had a problem with keeping it from cooling off so quickly.

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    Why is it they have all done this before and yet..... clueless ot make fire happen..................ugh it riles me up to no end

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    I thought the fire making skills were surprisingly lacking in last night's episode. Rudy did have a good idea with the bow and should have kept at it. Every tribe has at least one woman with long hair - braid some of it and cut it off and use that if there's nothing in the jungle! Alicia's hair is *already* braided. We shouted at the TV when we saw Kathy with her glasses on!

    I think all the tribes figured they'd get fire at the first challenge or at the first tribal council. This puts a major twist in the game.

    After the challenge, when the action moved back to camp and the shot was the tribes' flag, I saw smoke in the air next to the flag. I was surprised to see that they didn't have fire in the camp. We even rewound to look at it again - but then who knows when the shot of the flag was filmed? I guess they eventually get fire! Did anyone else see that

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