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Thread: 10/23 Show Discussion

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheFlying
    And how exactly is she supposed to "insure" (I believe it's ensure in this case) votes?

    Infact in her chat Trish says Sandra actually asked Trish "are you in [with voting out Rupert]?".

    There's only so much she could have done.
    Thanks for the correction on my spelling...next time I'll double check to see if I'm in a dictionary chat, or Survivor. But for your own learnings...I took the liberty of looking both up for you.. here you go..

    insure: To make certain or sure/To cover with insurance.

    ensure: To make certain of : insure.

    Anyway...she sure did look surprised at the outcome. That pretty much tells me that she had that first initial chat with Jon and Sandra, and left it at that. Thinking that her "powers" were enough to sway the voting. Jon was the one who went and talked to Shawn... where and when did she go and put her feelers out to ENSURE that Shawn, Sandra and Jon were all still on board. Also, you're there all day....look around and see who's whispering/walking off... duh!!!!

    Trish (as you gladly pointed out) said HERSELF that Sandra asked if she (Trish) was still voting for Rupert. Looks and sounds to me that Sandra did her homework by putting her feelers out, making sure that the plan was still intact to vote-out Trish and have Jon look the fool.

    And besides...without having to always put imho...I think it's safe to say that it's pratically implied with every post.

    Mantenna I thought it was only fitting..since the poor lil guy had a tough ending.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ace Mom
    Hello everyone, I have been enjoying reading the boards here at FORT for some time but felt compelled to join today so I could give a huge "YOU GO GIRL!!!!!" to Christa. She wasn't my favourite from the beginning (Rupert's got that spot), but what a showing she put on last night. Umm, Shawn, are you sure you're a guy? What a wussy!! And Jon should just tuck his tail between his legs and bow down at Christa's feet 'cause he NEVER would have stood up as long as she did.

    P.S. Can you guys tell me how you get those smilies in your posts?
    to the Fort Ace Mom! When you click on post reply, you should see a box with 'clickable smilies' on the left. Just click on them when you want to insert them.
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    welcome Ace mom! Christa really did do a great job on last nights episode, and I love that Jeff mentioned the weight infront of everyone
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    Quote Originally Posted by overthetop
    What's your point?
    I feel that if Osten was around at that point I think it could have been a great motivational tool for him to get his head of his rear end, it worked for the others.that's all, but then again Osten is stubborn
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    [QUOTE=Mantenna]Hey everybody!
    My winners from this show:

    1. Andrew: Up until now, I thought he was all talk--you know, lawyer and all that, but my respect for him soared after this episode. The mere fact that he held 160 pounds for such a long time was great enough, but he was breaking his concentration to speak..."Let's go, Morgan!" He's riled now. I'd watch out for him in the upcoming challenges.

    I agree totally. I think Jon may have altered the course of this game drastically with his mouth. He not only lit a fire in Andrew, but certainly cost him any alliance with him after the merge. Andrew's IC was one of the finest moments in Surivior for me. Way to go Andrew....

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    Quote Originally Posted by cajro62
    during Jon's raid at Morgan- did anyone notice that Osten was nowhere in site- especially while jon was bragging that drake threw that one challenge?
    I had taped the episode last night while I watched it, and rewatched it this afternoon. I specifically looked for Osten in that scene. When the boat is approaching, the camera pans the beach and he is sitting by himself in the sand. I thought that he was waiting to greet Jon, but when Andrew and T go out to meet Jon, he can be seen WAAAAAAAAAY in the distance past them. He isn't shown again.

    I also noted that he was sitting in the middle of the beach, well away from both the dangers of the ocean, and the dangers of the jungle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheFlying
    I'm sorry but this is getting annoying. Jon is an asshole, I agree, but just because he is an asshole doesn't mean he hasn't been playing a great game of Survivor so far (well aside from physically).
    I am going to have to disagree with you on this one. Jon is getting way to cocky to be playing the game well. Aside from going to the other tribe and rubbing it in their faces that your team threw the challenge, his attitude is like he is in control. Look at Rob from S6...he sat back and let the rest of the tribe run things, he didn't make it look like he was trying to control the game. Jon acts as if the check is his and that is it.

    Even if he was playing the game well I would still call him Moron because I don't like him.
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    Quote Originally Posted by overthetop
    What's your point?
    The point is the weakest member of Drake tribe shouldn't had been the one saying they threw the challenge. It made him look even more pathetic and vulnerable, and then it was Christa who participated in this week's IC and not that loser Jon.

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    Andrew is not smart enuf to think about Drake throwing the chess challenge. Why would you sit out your two strongest members in a game of brawns????? Hello? Anyone in there? Andrew still believed that they won that fair and square, how clueless can you get?

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    [QUOTE=overthetop]And another thing--re: the IM challenge--Andrew was some kind of hero for sure, and not to take anything away from him, but I think that Shawn lost it for the other tribe. If Andrew had dropped his weight at 160, Morgan still would have won b/c Christa had more weight than Ryan and he would have lasted longer. The critical loss was Shawn dropping his weight so early. If he'd been able to last until, say, 180, even briefly, it would have been much closer.QUOTE]

    I agree, Shawn quit early in the game, I don't know how much he was carrying but it looked less than Christa carried. How many minutes do they have to carry the weight before they had to add more? Both Shawn and Osten are embarrassing. Osten should outlast everyone in this game since he does lots of weightlifting. Apparently, he does only strength exercises for cosmetic purposes, he has no endurance at all...he is the weakest big man I know. As for Shawn, I couldn't believe Christa outlasted her too with even more weight considering they just had steak the other day. As for Andrew, kudos to him for the effort but he really didn't have to do that since it was obvious that Ryan could have won it for them anyway (after Shawn gave up). Applause to Christa as well for staying there as long as she could even doing better than Osten and Shawn.

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