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Thread: As 'Survivor' Returns, So Do the Viewers

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    Quote Originally Posted by alex2020
    I hope the ratings stay up! to me this looks like it could be one of the best seasons yet!
    Same here! This season has had a very good start... even my mom, who doesn't usually watch Survivor, finds this season interesting.

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    I know several people who have said that after this initial episode.
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    I work in a hospital, so while there may be only a handful of people in my office who watch survivor, there are many units that can say the same. The pool I'm in right now involves people from three or four different units, including doctors, nurses, OTs, PTs, Social Workers... I could go on. We usually have a Thursday afternoon chat, but without fail we have a Friday morning debriefing. Like clockwork. Get your coffee, come to my office, and we'll chat... and at the end of the season, we have a big party to watch the final episode.

    Unfortunately, I've drawn Michelle and Christa in the pool this year.

    .. sigh...

    Anyway, back to the thread topic....

    I am a devoted Friends fan, but I usually watch Survivor and tape Friends.

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    We're fortunate in Canada that Friends and Survivor are shown on the same channel.

    If I had to choose, Friends would lose out.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    My interest in Friends waned a few years ago; I'll occasionally tape it. I think it was a smart move to start Survivor a week early. I'm sure they hooked some viewers who will stick around this season who are sick of Ross and Rachel. It's not a coincidence that All Star S8 will be against the end run of Friends.
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    My friend, who hardly ever watched Survivor in the past even though I tried to hook her with all the Dave talk because she found him hot, too, watched the first episode of this season and told me she's hooked! I think she may be taping Friends now.

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    Hi everybody Newby on board.....

    Finally we get to start watching Survivor on Monday down here in Australia.

    After reading the recaps, i can't wait!

    Go Rupert


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    Welcome to The FORT Croc_Hunteress! Glad you decided to join us. We have several different weekly Survivor articles and they are all awesome. I hope you get a chance to check them out.

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    I am new to survivor. I just couldn't stand the withdrawal from FORT as BB wound down so I gave Survivor a look last week for the very first time. It is a good show, I'll be watching.

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    I have not watched since season 1. But now I'm back!

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