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Thread: Drake or Morgan?

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    Drake or Morgan?

    What tribe are you rooting for? Drake or Morgan?

    Drake of course ----- RUPERT

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    FORT Fogey
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    Drake So far, I like everyone in tha tribe, except Jon.

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    Its on like Donkey Kong! DarKensoul7's Avatar
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    MORGAN................. i like them, i hope they win other things but the draik got younger men and RUPERT -_-... lol morgan got ryan s... so skinny... not fair hehe.
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    I was rooting for Drake. They quickly adapted to the new rules of the game. As Trish pointed out, they were working together right away. No clothes? Christa ripped her dress without ceremony and shared. Rupert wore a skirt without hesitation. Sandra quickly bartered for their supplies. She made good decisions without wasting time. We didn't see her teammates getting resentful of her. They took time out to bond as a team when they reached shore.

    I think the main advantage Drake has is that they accepted the unexpected opening of the game and are now playing accordingly. Rupert embraced the notion of being a pirate quite readily.

    However, cracks are beginning to appear in their tribe. If Drake goes to TC, I doubt we'll see a unanimous vote. This splintering will hurt their chances.

    Morgan OTOH has allowed Jeff to set their pace for them. Probst speeded up the game by starting it sooner than they expected. Once they jumped overboard Morgan continued that frantic pace. There really was no need to run around the village without consulting with each other. Then in that same frenzy, they left the village without adequate supplies. Again on the beach, they were running around without taking a moment to breathe or look at the map. The first shelter also was built in haste.

    Morgan could make a comeback if they start thinking before acting. They became united in their decision to vote off Nicole. If they can maintain this unity, they'll be fine.

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    Gotta love the Mouse! JORY'sMom's Avatar
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    Definitely Drake.

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    starry night
    drake....... go rubert!!!!

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    I am rooting for Drake until the Merge!!!

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    Drake, for sure.

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    Drake....Go Rupert.

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