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Thread: Shane: Exile Island

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    Aren't they going out of their way to make us think he's ready to freak and get booted next? Foreshadowing misdirection? No way would they hand us such an obvious clue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AJane View Post
    If Kevin Costner and Billy Bob Thornton had a son, who had a mugshot, it would look like this.

    Where is the icon of the smilie with windex wiping coffee off the computer monitor? Becasue after that comment I need one.

    Quote Originally Posted by Netcam
    I think were gonna see him try and smoke rolled dried leaves before long!
    You can be SURE that Cirie will NOT be helping him with those leaves.
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    Insane Shane makes me almost physically ill to watch. I hope he gets booted soon; he's already acting as weird as I've ever seen anyone do on Survivor with the whining and all, not even a week in.
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    Dopehead Shane whining about missing his kids...his cigarettes is what is causing his whining. Nicotine...his drug of choice. Mr. Stupid knew he was coming on this grueling challenge...why didn't he start treating his addiction earlier? If he smokes 3 packs/day, wonder how much coffee he drinks. I'm sure that really helps his hyperactivity. Caffeine withdrawal causes trouble, too, but not like nicotine.
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    would it be too mean to hope he survives at least a few weeks just so we can watch him self-destruct?
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    that they did not boot him last night was ridiculous. Making people promise to vote for you, and then just changing your mind and saying "nope - I think one of you two old ladies should go instead" is just so arrogant. Not to offend anyone, and maybe it is just the nicotine and caffience withdrawal, but he acts like someone I know who has adult ADHD, and frankly, that will drive everyone around him insane. And they will deserve it for not voting him out when he had requested it. There are no "takebacks" in Survivor. Well, except for Lill.
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    I've only seen bits and pieces of the show, what with flipping back and forth between Survivor and Dancing with the Stars, but I came in here to post how much I hated Shane only to discover that everyone else hates him too.

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    Cool guy...

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    I think LG is right about the ADHD - Shane is twitching bid time. And, waaaaay too hyper for my taste. Plus, he's awfully thin - you can see his ribcage for heaven's sake! Makes me wonder just what all he IS addicted to.
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    most annoying survivor ever

    Shane is definitely the most annoying survivor candidate ever. This is the first time that I ever wished that Survivor had a phone in line where the viewers could vote a candidate off. I couldn't believe that he was the first chosen when they picked new teams either.

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