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Thread: Survivor: 10/13: Golden Boy Was Merely Faux-Gold Finished

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    Great job, Dinah!!! I love how Bobby Jon can dish out the bad etiquette as a winner, but can't take it from someone else!
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    Did anyone else notice how Danni STOPPED scratching Blake's back when he started in with the "Double D tata" story? I think those two had a little "thing" going, or maybe Danni was just taken with Blake's looks. However, if you wanna keep a chickeroo on your side, dude, do NOT start describing your current girlfriend's assets in that manner.
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    That was a great recap. I miss it every week cause I work that night but my man records it for me and i watch it later. I am tired of Steph myself. Jeff was right when he said maybe She is the bad luck.

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