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Thread: Our Interview with Lillian Morris

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    Our Interview with Lillian Morris

    Lillian was the third person ousted from the Morgan tribe, and she graciously took the time to answer our questions. Here's what she had to say:

    Looking back, do you think that turning on Nicole was ultimately what led to your elimination?

    What you don't see John is that I didn't turn in Nicole. Let me start at the beginning. Nicole is an awesome person, she just got caught up in all the deception early. Maybe too early. She got her stories mixed up and got caught. She told me one thing and them another.

    Andrew and Ryan O. approached me with what she said that I said. I wasn't saying anything and really didn't have much of an alliance with anyone other than Ryan Shoulders. It was mostly friendship, encouragement and explanation about the game.

    I didn't turn in Nicole, her stories just got mixed up and they approached me about it. I told the truth and they believed me.

    Did Morgan ever have the morning-after talk that Andrew promised at Ryan's elimination, and did it help?

    Yes. Andrew had his hands full dealing with the different personalities of our tribe. He was always trying to talk us up and improve the tribe's moral. I believe our downfall was basing all our decision on brute force. In their minds, that seemed to be the determining factor in completing all the challenges.

    Going to tribal council, did you know you were going to be voted out, or were you led to believe that Darrah was going?

    When Andrew came over to me right before Tribal Council and said, "you know we still love you Lill" I saw the writing on the wall. I knew I didn't have a prayer for staying. He really never got back to me to tell me the Tribe's final decision. But then again, neither did anyone else tell me what was on their mind.

    Was there any discussion in your tribe about the lack of leadership being provided by Andrew?

    No one pointed fingers at the leadership of the Tribe. I wasn't in on the talk about whom was to be leader. It was presented and I just went along with their decision. No big deal. I know I didn't want the position. I have learned from the past that leaders usually get voted out quicker because of their strength. I was considered an outsider in my tribe. No one really asked my opinion except when I was about to be voted off. I give Andrew that. There was a tight alliance between Andrew, T, Osten and Ryan O. Ryan O didn't want Darrah to go and threatened Andrew their alliance if Andrew voted Darrah. Andrew did the best he could with whom he had to work with. No hard feelings.

    Did any of the Morgan tribe do anything about the awful sleeping arrangements? It seemed to be a major point, but we never saw anyone working to solve the problem.

    Before I left, we took bamboo and split them into slats. Cutting up a bamboo to have maybe 5-6 smaller pieces. I took rope and tied them down with cross lashing to keep them from moving around. Made it a lot easier to sleep on. As far as warmth, there was only body heat and piling the precious wood to make unnecessary fires in the middle of the night. Not wise but when you're cold conserving is the last thing on your mind. You might still think about conserving wood for later needs. Another thing that took place was I took a flea infested blanket and boiled it, dried and shook out the sand before giving it to Osten and T to use at night. You wouldn't have seen this or they wouldn't have mentioned this act.

    What was your strategy going into the game, and how did that work or not work for you?

    My strategy was just go in work hard, play as fair as the game would let me, give 110% in the challenges and be nice. If that is hokie, then so be it. It's my personality and how I am. My other strategy was to put God in front of me. He has other plans for me and that's OK also.

    I feel lucky not to have been the 1st or 2nd one gone. The comments that were thrown my way weren't nice. This was from mainly the other tribe. I was grateful to Jeff for sticking up for me on a couple of occasions. A true gentleman and his Mother would be proud. I know I was pleased.

    As the first Survivor from Ohio, long known as the largest Survivor audience around, did you feel any additional pressure to perform well, and represent the area?

    I wanted to be strong for whom I represented. I was a volunteer for years for Boy Scouts and for my beautiful City of Cincinnati. Both were extremely important to me. I won in the sense of trying and being accepted as one of 16 out of 66,000 applications. That makes me a winner to those who know me and love me for who I am.

    Having kept control of 78 troop children, how difficult was it to fight the urge to take control of the camp and tell people what to do?

    My husband of 30 years told me "if you're wise Lill, you'll leave the Scoutmaster attitude and hat at home or you'll be the first one off." I took his advice to heart and followed through. The majority picked the Leader and he accepted. I was in no position even if I wanted to, to say differently. I didn't see it being my best move to be the boss. I took the layback attitude and waited.

    To win Survivor, it takes at least a little bit of lying and deviousness, which you didn't seem comfortable with. If you'd lasted, were you prepared to do what was necessary to win the game?

    I have explained to my Troop and the young people I work with.............. "It's a game! Always keep that in mind." I played the game the best I could. Yes, I would have learned to be a bit sneakier. I just wouldn't have told them what I was going to do and let it go at that. If you noticed, they didn't tell me what they were going to do and they weren't interested in what I was thinking.

    Now that you and Ryan are gone, does anyone know where the water is located?

    Not only did I show Andrew where the water was but also before I left I made sure the water bottles were filled and wood for starting the fire was safely out of the rain and could start the fire with no problems.

    Not smart but kind. Above all else, I'm a kind person and I can live with this.

    Thank you, Lill, for taking the time to answer our questions. Best of luck to you, and we look forward to seeing you at the finale!

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    Thanks so much for another great interview. I wish we could have seen more of Lill
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    Thanks for the interview, John!

    What really strikes me after reading this is how forgiving Lil is. They really didn't treat her very nicely except for Ryan S. I'm sure I would be more bitter about the whole thing. She definitely takes the high road.
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    There are not too many people that come out of Survivor looking great. Lill really is a sweety. That may be her downfall, but she was true to herself. She is the better person for it.
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    Fantastic interview John, and thank you Lil for participating. I don't agree with how you played the game itself, but there is no question that you are a classy lady indeed.
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    What a nice lady. Thanks John and Lil!

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    She did misplay the Nicole thing though. With Lil, Ryan S and Nicole, all they needed was one more person and they would all still be playing. Lil just didn't see she needed an alliance and fast! Has nothing to do with being nice or truthful. I'm just not buying the "we need Osten to win challenges" statement over and over. He has alliances, doesn't matter what he does or doesn't do. That starting to sound like Jon's "I vote the way the stars tell me to" excuse. So Lil didn't see the opportunity to save herself and her little buddy and now their all playing cards at Loser Lodge.

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    Thanks for another great interview John.

    I think we can fairly say that Lill's personality was displayed pretty accurately on the show. Her answers were very true to the character we were shown. It doesn't really surprise me that she didn't make it farther in the game, but she seems like a very nice lady.
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    Great interview. Lill is such a sweety. She helped the tribe, ebven when she knew she was a goner. It would have been great if she made it further.

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    What an amazing woman!

    She worked hard and she did herself proud.
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