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Thread: 4/7/05 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shady64
    I agree about shampooing in the ocean. You can get almost as clean lathering up in that crystal clear water.

    I'm surprised no one mentioned the fire for IC. First thing I thought of when Jeff said you had 25 matches, was get a flame and throw 24 matches in at once. The mini explosion of all of them igniting would be enough of a flame to light the torch. It didn't have to be that high a flame that you'd use 25 matches to get it going and the challenge would be over in under a minute, why else would they give so many matches?

    Steph would be stupid to align with Tom, unless Tom keeps winning Immunity challenges to keep himself of the block, he'll be the first to go when its individual. She exhibits her lack of brains once again. You didn't have trouble with the puzzle, you had trouble putting it together to solve it! How many pieces was it 16 or less? How easy it that for any 6 year old to do?
    With salt water shampooing is not really helpful. However if they wanted a shower they could easily gotten fresh water from there well for that reason once they had drinking water. Tom was completely right to save the good water for drinking. It only takes a couple of cups of water to wash your hair if you are carefull.
    Steph was smart in that she put larger sticks on the bottem. That made her fire higher to light her torch. The challenge was to light the torch, not get the best fire going.
    Steph really has no choice to but allign with Tom. They made a deal the first day before tribes were even made. Her only choice is to go along with that, she has no one else to ally with. Koror has never gone to tribal counsel, they may have someone they want to get rid off. I don't see Steph as the first or even second person they want to get rid of.

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    Well this was rather disappointing, I wanted Steph to go and Bobby-spaz to live on. I think Bobby-spaz has got to be one of the hardest working survivors that didn't even make it to the jury.

    I'm getting the feeling that Tom is getting a bit to arrogant for my liking. He seems to be controlling the tribe and not letting everyone have their say. I hope that comes back to bite him.

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    If she goes againt Tom or Ian, they will throw the competition, because they want Steph in their alliance.
    no they wont, if they want her in their alliance so bad they would have thrown it today and voted off either jen or gregg, they knew she had a 50/50 chance of going tonight

    i really think them wanting her in an alliance is a replacement/last min strategy because of the obvious jenn/gregg alliance

    and if they do merge next week and pull in her in, its all up to caryn since she will be the swing vote if it is 4 against 4

    and i see caryn going with coby over tom

    did bobby jon graduate from college??? i'm thinking no, or maybe i'm getting him confused with ibe who i know did not graduate, but anyway, graduate from college or not....he really doenst seem like the sharpest tool in the shed, believe i know, i've seen some not very smart people graduate from college, it really doesnt mean anything nowadays

    it kinda bugs me how the women of koror are just cruising by and let the men do all the challenges

    as much as i dont like steph, she is the toughest woman there by far

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    Was that audible wailing and gnashing of teeth the sound of thousands of female BJ fans lamenting the exit of their (no longer sparkling clean) dreamboat? Seriously, its too bad, he was a good guy, always said the right thing, his heart was in the right place. I just couldn't believe that he (and the rest of his tribe) always found a way to lose. He had so much respect for Tom, but it looked like he wanted to murder him after the eating challenge. And at the fire building challenge, he looked so surprised to lose. I think he was taking it slow, building a fire the proper way, Steph just rushed right by him. Its too bad for Tom and Ian, because I thought Steph and BJ could have made pretty good alliance mates for them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spliced
    Well this was rather disappointing, I wanted Steph to go and Bobby-spaz to live on. I think Bobby-spaz has got to be one of the hardest working survivors that didn't even make it to the jury.
    Yes and he is probably the dumbest survivor of all times too.

    This season will only rock, if Steph ends up to be the sole survivor. But we all know that's not going to happen.
    "Charla is intelligent and beautiful and I just felt really stupid for picking ... for, you know... liking someone that wasn't available really.. certainly not to me." Quote from Dave (Paradise Hotel).

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    Oh, how I hope Stephanie wins it all!

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    It would be pretty cool if there's no merge and Steph just picks off the Kororians one by one. That could happen - if she can stay alive and keep nourished.

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    Quote Originally Posted by D-Love
    OH Tom is supposed to have an alliance with Greg and Jen and Ian no?
    But I know Greg and Jen have a secret one with Coby and Janu. Is this right or am I confused? Are they confused?
    Tom HAS an alliance with Ian, Greg, Jen and Katie at Koror, but it appears that he, Ian and Katie made an alliance with Stephenie before the tribes were formed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nemanomine
    Tom HAS an alliance with Ian, Greg, Jen and Katie at Koror, but it appears that he, Ian and Katie made an alliance with Stephenie before the tribes were formed.
    Yep. We saw Tom and Steph forming a tentative alliance back in the first episode before the tribes were chosen while they were watching Janu shimmy up a tree. I'm sure there was a lot more we didn't see.

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    I apologize if this has been stated in an earlier post...

    For a fair immunity or reward challenge between koror and ulong, it should have been a woman and man from koror going against bj and stephanie. Stephanie is incredibly strong physically and can outwhip all of the koror women. I keep thinking that the koror women are well-fed, underworked, vacationing tourists. Meanwhile, Stephanie is a survivor. I am saddened by the demise of Ulong. (after a while, it is not fun to watch a team continually lose....I would have felt better if there had been a merge/shake-up before it came to this).

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