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Thread: 12/2 Show Discussion Thread ***Spoilers***

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oceansands
    As far as I see it Chris, Scout and Twila are the weakest competitors. If they are smart (regardless of their physical weakness) they will get rid of Eliza and Julie. Both are stronger physically. Scout seems to be stronger in the mental coemptions. Twila seems to be the weakest both mentally and physically.
    But Twila hung on that pole the longest! She outlasted all of them. I wouldn't say she is physically the weakest.
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    If I remember correctly, even after Twila swore on her son's name/life whatever, Leann still said she didn't think she could trust her. Why was Ami more gullible?

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    Maybe Ami wasn't that gullible either, just sore at losing. She's using Twila's lie as a means to take it out on her.

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