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Thread: Rob Mariano - Chapera

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    Quote Originally Posted by Levdrakon
    Not only that, but he picked Amber for an alliance "for obvious reasons, she's hot."

    God, what an ass. He really thinks he's hot? She'd obviously want to align with him? Because she's hot? And so is he? So obviously they should align?

    That is so wrong.
    I am not surprised. Remember Sarah? He latched on to her under the guise of an alliance because she was hot. :rolleyes
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    So we have King Rob and Queen Amber as our Survivor royalty

    The and should be and go
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    YOU POSTED IT! Yay! I love it, so much.

    Down with the king and queen!

    Let's have a revolt. Maybe Rob C and Alicia will take over? That'd be SWEET!

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    "...in a show of unity... UNITY".

    the guy kills me, I loved it.
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    Man do i hate this guy. what I wouldn't give to be able to run this big mouth arrigant S.O.B. over with a truck. gee they put him in with the buffoon tribe because he is the head buffoon. I wouldn't let this guy lick the sweat off of my if he was dying of thirst in the desert. I really think he would look good in crosshairs. this guy is at the top of my list right above jonny fairplay.
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    Quote Originally Posted by joeguy
    this guy is at the top of my list right above jonny fairplay.
    Agreed. He's nearly as good as Fairplay but not quite. Also, gotta give props to Richard. His first episode shannanigans were brilliant. They get the Fairplay seal of approval.

    Playing the "Fair" way is the only way to play.

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    Sheesh! I guess I don't remember Rob. M being so arrogant during Marquesas! I actually remember liking him because he stirred up the pot.WOW!

    I think it was brilliant putting Amber on the same tribe as Rob M. I'm sure even the casual Survivor watcher could have predicted his alliance with Sara-- er Amber.

    I'd like to see Alicia squash his head like a coconut.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrcorkles
    Sheesh! I guess I don't remember Rob. M being so arrogant during Marquesas! I actually remember liking him because he stirred up the pot.WOW
    Don't you remember the Robfather

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    I don't like him, didn't like him, won't ever like him. He is the epitomy of arrogant a**hole and needs to be thrown to the sharks, especially after threatening Zoe in S4.
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    You haterz crack me up.

    Rob is da man! King of the castle! If you hate him now and the things he does already irratate you, well than your all in for a ride cause he's just begun :phhht

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