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Thread: tribute to rObb

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    tribute to rObb

    howdy .. hmm maybe its just me and my wallpaper frenzy .. so guess wat? i just made a wallpaper for rObb.. well maybe just to serve as a memory as we will not be seeing him in survivor anymore

    besides, he was the first survivor who caught my eye before ken totally wowed me over so .. yeah .. in fact, i didnt really find him annoying at all .. entertaining to the max..

    so there.. ciao rObb..

    check out my deviations
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    Wow! That's a pretty nice collage. Robb annoyed the heck out of me on the 1st and 2nd episode, but after that, he grew on me. I didn't want him to go yet. Like you said, he's was entertaining to the max, and made the show a little bit more exciting.

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