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Thread: 9/15 Show Discussion **SPOILERS**

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    Sorry I dont know the names yet.. is Danni the one who looks like she has more hair on her upper lip than Judd??

    Every comment made she was like rolling her eyes and such.. I wonder how long it will be till she snaps.

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    I find most Survivor seasons start out with very little character development of some of the quieter players. It should be interesting to see how these people get along, being forced into competition right away could have major concequences on peoples first impressions
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    Quote Originally Posted by elusive
    I find most Survivor seasons start out with very little character development of some of the quieter players. It should be interesting to see how these people get along, being forced into competition right away could have major concequences on peoples first impressions
    Back in the day, how much screen time a person got usually indicated how long they lasted. Now that isn't so obvious. I just visited the website and realized how few of the Survivor's I actually heard talking. Most was from Nakum and the only people I remember from Yakha was Stephenie, Rafe, Gary and a little bit of Morgan.

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    Getting rid of Jim was a no brainer with his injury and he can hardly blame them for "speaking". He might have lasted longer if not for that, but I doubt it. Survival of the fittest and all that.

    I was surprised at the long hike through the jungle especially over night. With all of the cuts and scrapes they must have gotten, how easy would it be to miss a poisonous snake/bug/spider bite? The nurse is right. Blake needs professional care. Maybe dehydration isn't expected in a humid climate, but certainly the nurse should have warned them and kept tabs on their water intake.

    On the previews Jeff said that this Survivor would be the most physically grueling of them all. It won't be a day at the beach where an ocean swim is broken up by some playtime with the camp rats.

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    Watching this first episode made me realize how much I really miss the last Survivor. It was so much more entertaining right from the start. From the first episode I had my favorites, but this one, I don't even know these people yet. I hope it gets better...

    At least Steph is giving some good tv (again). She is just as motivated and strong as ever; and I like Bobby J. alot but why is he still so dumb...openly "reminding" everyone at tribal that "not to many people get a second shot at a million dollars"
    Hello....if that doesn't get the star-struck fairy dust out of their eyes and give him the boot I don't know what will.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FireWoman
    is Danni the one who looks like she has more hair on her upper lip than Judd??
    Probably. Danni is actually really good-looking in all the pictures I've seen of her, but she did not look as good in Guatemala. Not that it matters, since we haven't seen anything from her yet.

    Now that I think about it, the hike was a great start for the Survivors. It forced them to bond and work together right from the get-go, and it showed who could really handle the strain of Guatemala. A grueling "challenge" that really set the mood of the season. However, it should not have taken up half of the episode. All we got to see of it was puking and groaning.

    Really, that was all we saw of this entire episode. I know that the premiere of any given season isn't normally spent developing character arcs and giving us in-depth looks at the contestants. But they usually have something. I don't know anything about any of these people.
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    As a twist, they should have taken the teams they had.. Made them do that hike.. Then voted to trade out 2 women and 2 men from their teams, they'd switch teams... then, if they really wanted another twist, vote off one person on each team immediately... similar to the school yard tatic last season
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    Liked the opening, the 11 mile hike reminded me of the first cart challenge of the Africa series, as that was very tough physically and the 11 mile hike was very tough physically. I think Mark Burnett is trying to get back to that pure tough survival mode of surviror.

    What did I think of Stephanie and Jon coming back, from the way the previews were running indicating that the most popular male and female would be back I thought it might be Coby and Kathy (Marquessas). My first thought also was they might be the first 2 voted off. Stephanie seems to have a better chance then ol' dumb boy.

    I did find it rather hilarious that all the Nakum (??) tribe men got sick as dogs after winning. It was cool to see that because of that situation the woman were bonding into a possible group as they were the ones still standing. That might be a very interesting developement. The nurse looks as if she might be developing into the leader of this group.

    The location is interesting the people of the teams look interesting and the show had a great pace and I get the feeling that this will be a great Survivor series.

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    Yes, this is typical. The eye candy is sick this time? What do I have to do to have somebody cute win this show? Apparently 16 hot guys have to play in order for that to happen.

    I really hope Blake and Bobby feel better. I need my eye candy!

    This is too physical. Watching everyone get sick isn't entertaining.

    No, Bobby is not a genius, but he's not dumb. I'm sure everyone would be spouting off Calculus after being dehydrated. Not me. I was really worried about him. Him passing out? Is a very bad thing. My poor Bobby. And poor Blake. They just gotta win something. Bobby's gotta get immunity!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unklescott
    He played for the Indianapolis Colts.
    Actually, he was drafted by and played 5 or 6 years for the Dallas Cowboys as backup to Danny White. Then he went to the Colts and I think he finished up with a year for the Cardinals -- not positivie about the last.

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