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Thread: Our Interview with Andrew Savage

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    Our Interview with Andrew Savage

    Andrew Savage was the first victim of the post-merge Balboa tribe, setting up what could be a Pagonging of the entire ex-Morgan group. Here's what he had to say:

    Your tribe had fishing equipment, and for most of your time out there, less mouths to feed than Drake. Why was there such a disparity in the food situation?

    The Morgan island had less fish in our lagoon than the Drake's lagoon. Rupert got 4 fish in 2 days on our island but was able to get 20 fish in 2 days on the Drake island. We had pumping surf in our lagoon and fish don't like to typically hang out in pumping surf and instead prefer tranquil waters similar to what existed in the Drake lagoon. Everyone called the Drake lagoon "the aquarium." I'm not saying there were no fish in our lagoon, just less fish. The bottom line is that we tried our best to catch fish but were unsuccessful.

    What was your rationale for keeping Osten around time and again, even
    though it was obvious he wasn't pulling his weight? Was he a solid vote for your block?

    Keeping Osten had nothing to do with our voting block. What you didn't see was Osten spending 3-4 hours a day gathering oysters and mussels to help feed the Morgans and dragging huge logs down the beach to keep the fire going 24 hours a day. Also, Osten held Darrah suspended in the air for over 2 hours in the third immunity challenge. Lill, Skinny Ryan and Nicole certainly couldn't have done that. Moreover, Osten held 175 pounds in the sand bag weight challenge long enough to allow the Morgans to load up and break Rupert, which in turn allowed me and Ryno to win that Challenge. Again, Lill, Skinny Ryan and Nicole certainly couldn't have done that. Keeping Osten was definitely the right decision.

    In our interview with Lillian, she said that you wanted to vote Darrah
    off, but that RyanO wanted to keep her around. Is this true, and how did it effect your plans?

    Yes, that is definitely true. At that time, I respected Lill and her work ethic and tried to convince the other Morgans to not vote her out. It's a numbers game so ultimately I had to side with the rest of my tribe.

    Regarding Lillian and her return, were you surprised she jumped in with
    the Drakes after the merge, after your tribe's treatment of her both before her elimination and after her return?

    I was surprised and disappointed with Lill turned traitor and jumped ship to the Drakes. As I have said before, at the time of the third tribal council, I respected Lill and her work ethic and tried to convince the other Morgans to not vote her out. It's a numbers game so ultimately I had to side with the rest of my tribe. I also told Lill before the third tribal council that she was getting voted out so she knew she was going. I was honest with Lill and respected her and this is why I was so surprised that she so quickly became a traitor.

    What would you have done different, had you known she was coming back?

    Nothing. As I've said before, I was honest with Lill and always treated her with respect. She has even admitted these facts.

    Do you think being nominated as the leader of your tribe was the primary reason you were voted out first after the merge?

    No. I don't think I was voted out because of a title, I think I was voted out because I tried to lead by example and the Drakes saw that example and were concerned about it.

    What was your strategy going into the game, and how did that work out for you?

    My strategy was to lead by example, pour my entire heart and soul into the greatest game in the world, make some long-lasting friendships and bonds with people I trust, care about and respect and have the time of my life doing it.

    If Osten hadn't quit the game, who were you planning to vote out at that tribal council?

    Darrah had fallen ill that day so it depended on who was fitter, Osten or Darrah.

    Your tribe chose Jon as the prime candidate for elimination after the merge. Why?

    Because he annoyed the hell out of everyone and even the Drakes (including Rupert) said he wanted the annoying little man gone.

    Your wife described you in a newspaper article as "the most stubborn man you'll ever meet." Knowing this about yourself, how did you plan to approach that with your other tribemates, and not turn it into a liability?

    Well, I am very stubborn but I'm also not stupid. What I mean is if a situation arose and the best course of action was contrary to my position, I would pursue the best course of action and not be stubborn and hold firm to my position.

    Thanks, Andrew, for taking the time to answer these questions. On a personal note, I was sorry to see you go when you did. Best of luck to you, and thanks to CBS again as always!

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    Thanks John, I have been looking forward to this interview!
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    I have too. Andrew's answers are consistent with his answers in his CBS chat.

    Thanks John and Andrew! Andrew, I have to admit that you won me over when you held up all that weight. Sorry you didn't go farther!

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    Thanks for the interview John.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Andrew
    Because he annoyed the hell out of everyone and even the Drakes (including Rupert) said he wanted the annoying little man gone.

    That was an interesting inteview, thanks John and Andrew.
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    Thanks John and Andrew. I think Andrew was a very decent guy (although not the best player at strategy). There were several more 'deserving' boots that I would have liked to have seen gone first.
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    Thanks John, Andrew, and CBS for the interview.

    There were times at the beginning that I certainly didn't like Andrew, but his performance in the sand bag challenge was phenomenal. Despite their problems Andrew was able to keep Morgan together as a group. The outcasts coming back hurt his chances though, if the merge had happened otherwise I think a Drake may have jumped ship if Morgan stayed together. Looking at all of the seasons, he is one of the best players to not make the jury.
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    I liked the interview. He does not sound bitter and I think he really is a likable person. Too bad he had to get booted when he did. If only he'd have accepted Rupert's offer when it was proposed. If only...

    (For those of you who don't know, Rupert came to him about booting Jon, and he got back to him really late on it and in turn, Rupert had targeted him and it was too late for him.)

    I was looking forward to one of these interviews. There was never one for Shawn, Michelle, or Trish. And I'm really hoping there will be one for Ryan!

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    Thanks to John and Andrew for the interview!

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    Thanks John for another great interview!

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