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Thread: Survivor Blood Vs Water Pool

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    Re: Survivor Blood Vs Water Pool

    This sounds like a fun pool and sorry I missed it. I know just being in the AR one for my first time has made it a lot more exciting. Congratulations to Fanny and Maybaybie for having the highest score overall and to Hyper for the highest weekly score.

    Last, but not least Pikachu great job on running all these pools and making them so exciting. This was great reading. You are very talented!!!
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    Re: Survivor Blood Vs Water Pool

    I have no clue as to the scoring! WHAT?
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    Re: Survivor Blood Vs Water Pool

    Shoepie, you got 65 points this week and your total for all the weeks so far combined is 350 points.

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    Re: Survivor Blood Vs Water Pool

    Well after half a season of an almost mute Kat, she opens her mouth and my fearless leader is sent to Redemption Island. Hopefully my "Brats" will do OK without her and she kicks butt at RI.

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    Re: Survivor Blood Vs Water Pool

    For having my pool leader quit, I should automatically get the wooden spoon this season.

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    Re: Survivor Blood Vs Water Pool

    I posted this in the Face Off forum, too, but wanted to make sure you all saw it as well.

    I don't know if I'm going to get to scores today. I didn't do them yesterday because I was home sick. I came to work today because we had plans to take my boss out for lunch but one of my co-workers is out sick so we're going to have to reschedule anyway and I'm still not feeling well so I'm going to do a little work and then go back home. I'll get to scores for this pool and the Survivor pool as soon as I can. Worst case scenario, it might be Monday before I have them ready.

    I hate having a cold! They take forever to go away and make you feel miserable.

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    Re: Survivor Blood Vs Water Pool

    Quote Originally Posted by pikachu View Post
    I posted this in the Face Off forum, too, but wanted to make sure you all saw it as well.
    Never mind all that , you get better , and feel better.
    The average dog is a nicer person than the average person
    -Andy Rooney-

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    Re: Survivor Blood Vs Water Pool

    Feel better, pikachu. Having a cold just makes one miserable.
    Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.
    -- Benjamin Franklin, Historical Review of Pennsylvania, 1759


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    Re: Survivor Blood Vs Water Pool

    Take care of yourself, pikachu!!

    This has been a weird season of Survivor watching for me. I haven't seen a single episode "live" yet. The earliest has been Thursday and the latest Saturday. But I've managed to avoid spoilers!!!
    "Fish are friends, not food, but everything else is fair game." ~ Pating, Survivor Cagayan Pool

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    Re: Survivor Blood Vs Water Pool

    Survivor Blood Vs Water
    Episode 6 Pool Results

    Episode Recap
    Won reward: Tadhana
    Won immunity: Tadhana
    Voted out: Kat
    Eliminated from Redemption Island: Brad

    Castaway Scores
    Aras: 20 points
    Brad: 0 points
    Caleb: 20 points
    Ciera: 20 points
    Gervase: 20 points
    Hayden: 20 points
    John: 5 points
    Kat: 0 points
    Katie: 10 points
    Laura B: 10 points
    Laura M: 5 points
    Monica: 10 points
    Tina: 10 points
    Tyson: 20 points
    Vytas: 10 points

    Weekly Scores
    Bucket/Shoepie: 95 points
    Coral Reef/inthegarden: 55 points
    Crabby Dalmatian/Midol: 100 points
    Dixie Dolphins/dixielandbelle: 95 points
    FameWhores/norm: 85 points
    Fang Manihiki/Fanny Mare: 100 points
    Hear Me Roar!/Hyper: 110 points
    Hippocampus Stampede/pikachu: 95 points
    Jigsaw/JLuvs: 110 points
    Katís Brats/Maybaybie: 40 points
    King Kong/Sticker: 80 points
    Koltonís Kandy Klub/JohnnyK: 40 points
    nevertravelsawonga/tbamom: 100 points
    Pating/Veejer: 75 points
    Ride the Winds/Brooks: 80 points
    Rogue Waves, Calm Seas/Florimel: 60 points
    Team 69/Magnum: 100 points
    Team Maybs/r2maybs: 90 points
    The Blue Lagoon/mesachick: 110 points
    Umi no wani/Evande: 95 points
    Weak & Grumpy/scoot13: 100 points

    Overall Scores and Rankings:
    1. Fang Manihiki: 500 points
    2. Jigsaw, The Blue Lagoon: 490 points
    3. Dixie Dolphins: 485 points
    4. Team 69, Weak & Grumpy: 480 points
    5. Team Maybs: 470 points
    6. Crabby Dalmatian: 460 points
    7. nevertravelsawonga: 450 points
    8. Bucket, Umi no wani: 445 points
    9. Katís Brats: 440 points
    10. FameWhores: 435 points
    11. Hear Me Roar!: 430 points
    12. Pating: 425 points
    13. Ride the Winds: 420 points
    14. Hippocampus Stampede: 405 points
    15. King Kong: 395 points
    16. Rogue Waves, Calm Seas: 380 points
    17. Koltonís Kandy Klub: 350 points
    18. Coral Reef: 320 points

    Itís Week 6 in the Survivor BvW pool. In our last episode, Hear Me Roar escaped from Redemption Island. This week, Hippocampus Stampede won the Redemption Island challenge and came back in the game. But to find out how that happened, we have to back up a little.

    Koltonís Kandy Klub, the newest addition to Redemption, went against Hippocampus Stampede, and Coral Reef in a numeric puzzle challenge. They were to cross a balance beam to retrieve bags of numbered tiles. Once they had three bags collected, they would use the tiles to finish a puzzle that involved placing number tiles so that the sum of the numbers, across and down, came to specified totals on a puzzleboard. Hippocampus Stampede had an advantage because one of their favorite puzzles in puzzle magazines was Cross Sums. She often dreamed of putting numbers into place in puzzles. Hippocampus finished the puzzle first, followed by Koltonís Kandy Klub, then Coral Reef.

    Back at camp, Bucket is playing Hungry Hungry Hippo and eating everything in sight, much to the disgust of Rogue Waves Calm Seas, who thinks Bucket should pace themselves and save some food for other pool team members and for later meals. Early alliances are falling apart and new alliances being formed. The Katty Girlz alliance has gone their separate ways, due to each member talking about blindsiding another member of their alliance, while Jigsaw and Blue Lagoon have been talking to Fang Manihiki about who they want to go to final three with. There could be a new power alliance in the making!

    Production notifies the pool team members that Jeff is ready for them so they make their way to the challenge beach. The reward/immunity challenge is to catch crabs. Theyíll split into 3 teams of 6 and one member of each team at a time will swim out to a crab trap filled with crab stuffed animals and bring them back to their teamís basket on the beach. The first team that brings back 6 crabs wins the challenge and a picnic lunch for all of their members. The second team is safe from elimination and gets to keep their stuffed animal crabs (they make nice pillows!). The third team to finish will go to tribal council and vote someone out.

    Team colors for this challenge are red, yellow, and blue. The red team is Ride the Winds, Hippocampus Stampede, nevertravelsawonga, Dixie Dolphins, Hear Me Roar, and Fang Manihiki. The yellow team is Jigsaw, Pating, The Blue Lagoon, Rogue Waves Calm Seas, Bucket, and Fame Whores. The blue team is Weak & Grumpy, Katís Brats, Team 69, Crabby Dalmatian, King Kong, and Umi no wani.

    Up first are Ride the Winds (red), King Kong (blue), and Fame Whores (yellow). Ride the Winds proves that theyíre just as good at riding the waves. They power through the surf, grab their crab, and get back to their basket first. Dixie Dolphins dive in as King Kong and Fame Whores return with their crabs. Weak & Grumpy plunges in for blue and Bucket jumps in for yellow. Weak & Grumpy makes up some time and finishes before Dixie Dolphins. Bucket lumbers slowly, perhaps experiencing leg cramps from eating so much before the challenge. The yellow team falls behind. The lead goes back and forth as some pool members make up time and some put their team behind.

    Finally, itís the last round. Nevertravelsawonga starts ahead of the last two for the other teams, thanks to fellow red team member Hear Me Roar returning with their crab very quickly. Crabby Dalmatian is up for the blue team and Rogue Waves Calm Seas is ready to go for the yellow team. Crabby Dalmatian was on the swim team in high school so this challenge is hers to lose. However, she decides she wants the crab pillow more than the picnic lunch so she doesnít try to outdistance nevertravelsawonga. Rogue Waves Calm Seas isnít playing for third. They swim out swiftly, grab their crab, and kick off, but on their way back to shore, a wave crashes onto them and they lose their grip on their crab! Swirling sand clouds their vision and they lose time trying to find it. By the time they get it back, nevertravelsawonga has won the challenge for the red team, Crabby Dalmatian has brought the blue team a second-place victory, and the yellow team has lost the challenge. Members of the red team high-five and head off to enjoy their picnic, Crabby Dalmatian hugs their stuffed crab and races back to camp with the blue team to take a nap on her new pillow, and the yellow team trudges off to vote someone out.

    At tribal council, Rogue Waves and Bucket go head to head. Rogue Waves argues that Bucket should be voted out for scarfing down all the food back at camp and for putting their team behind in the challenge. Bucket counters that Rogue Waves was the last person on their team to finish the challenge. If they hadnít dropped their crab, their team might not have lost. In the end, personal relationships win out over game strategy. The blue team members enjoy Bucket back at camp since theyíre fun to be around, always cracking jokes and telling entertaining stories. Rogue Waves, Calm Seas is voted out and sent to Redemption Island.

    Congratulations to Hear Me Roar, Jigsaw, and The Blue Lagoon for having the highest weekly score!
    Congratulations to Fang Manhiki for having the highest overall score!

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