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Thread: Survivor Caramoan Pool

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    Re: Survivor Caramoan Pool *sign up deadline February 20th, before the 2nd episode ai

    I'll try this year:

    Tribe Name: Team Maybs
    Tribal Leader: Cochrane
    Tribal Warrior 1: Dawn
    Tribal Warrior 2: Malcolm
    Tribal Warrior 3: Phillip
    Tribal Warrior 4: Corrine
    Ceremonial Tribe Member 1: Brenda
    Ceremonial Tribe Member 2: Erik

    All Favorites!

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    Re: Survivor Caramoan Pool *sign up deadline February 20th, before the 2nd episode ai

    pikachu, thanks, it's awesome that you're doing this, including all the tabulations.

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    Re: Survivor Caramoan Pool *sign up deadline February 20th, before the 2nd episode ai

    Tribe Name: Retired Racers (tribute to my two greyhounds, I couldn't think of anything survivor-y!)
    Tribal Leader: Matt Bischoff
    Tribal Warrior 1: Julia Landauer
    Tribal Warrior 2: Michael Snow
    Tribal Warrior 3: Malcolm Freberg
    Tribal Warrior 4: Brenda Lowe
    Ceremonial Tribe Member 1: Erik Reichenbach
    Ceremonial Tribe Member 2: John Cochran

    Thanks Pikachu - your pools are always fun!

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    Re: Survivor Caramoan Pool *sign up deadline February 20th, before the 2nd episode ai

    I'll jump in the Survivor pool this season and see how well I do.

    Tribal Name: Caramoan Schmaramoan (due to the fact that this location has been used so many times by US and foreign productions)
    Tribal Leader: Malcolm Freberg
    Tribal Warrior #1: Matt Bischoff
    Tribal Warrior #2: Michael Snow
    Tribal Warrior #3: Dawn Meehan
    Tribal Warrior #4: Eddie Fox
    Ceremonial Tribal Member #1: Erik Reichenbach
    Ceremonial Tribal Member #2: Shamar Thomas

    It should be great fun!

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    Best Ever Pool Runner Angry Birds Champion pikachu's Avatar
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    Re: Survivor Caramoan Pool *sign up deadline February 20th, before the 2nd episode ai

    Results for the first episode will be up later. I haven't entered the pool teams onto the spreadsheet yet because I was waiting to give everyone a chance to submit their tribes last night.

    In the meantime, here are the tribes that will be competing this season. For extra fun, each pool team was assigned a mascot animal to bring luck to their tribe:

    Brenda’s Benchwarmers/Brooks
    Mascot: Elephant
    Brenda Lowe, Corinne Kaplan, Malcolm Freberg, Matt Bischoff, Michael Snow,Sherri Biethman, Dawn Meehan

    Burning Love/Midol
    Mascot: Frilled Lizard
    John Cochran, Brenda Lowe, Dawn Meehan, Julia Landauer, Sherri Biethman, Erik Reichenbach, Malcolm Freberg

    Caramoan Schmaramoan/Evande
    Mascot: Tarsier
    Malcolm Freberg, Dawn Meehan, Eddie Fox, Matt Bischoff, Michael Snow, Erik Reichenbach, Shamar Thomas

    Mascot: Zebra
    Erik Reichenbach, Dawn Meehan, Eddie Fox, John Cochran, Malcolm Freberg, Phillip Sheppard, Julia Landauer

    Curare Bowhunters/pikachu
    Mascot: Poison Dart Frog
    Reynold Toepfer, Brenda Lowe, Erik Reichenbach, Malcolm Freberg, Michael Snow, Dawn Meehan, John Cochran

    Droppa Mapantz/Florimel
    Mascot: Hippopotamus
    Sherri Biethman, Brenda Lowe, Eddie Fox, John Cochran, Reynold Toepfer, Erik Reichenbach, Dawn Meehan

    JLuv’s Jokers/JLuvs
    Mascot: Hyena
    Dawn Meehan, Allie Pohevitz, John Cochran, Matt Bischoff, Malcolm Freberg, Sherri Biethman, Michael Snow

    Mike Hawk’s Protection Plan/Magnum
    Mascot: Osprey
    Malcolm Freberg, Brenda Lowe, Dawn Meehan, John Cochran, Sherri Biethman, Phillip Sheppard, Julia Landauer

    Mascot: Great White Shark
    Malcolm Freberg, Dawn Meehan, John Cochran, Michael Snow, Sherri Biethman, Brenda Lowe, Reynold Toepfer

    Retired Racers/greyhoundmom
    Mascot: Saluki
    Matt Bischoff, Brenda Lowe, Julia Landauer, Malcolm Freberg, Michael Snow, Erik Reichenbach, John Cochran

    Team Maybs/r2maybs
    Mascot: Gorilla
    John Cochran, Corinne Kaplan, Dawn Meehan, Malcolm Freberg, Phillip Sheppard, Brenda Lowe, Erik Reichenbach

    The Fighting Felines/Photobabe
    Mascot: Lion
    Malcolm Freberg, Dawn Meehan, John Cochran, Matt Bischoff, Sherri Biethman, Andrea Beohlke, Phillip Sheppard

    The Natural Blues/JohnnyK
    Mascot: Blue Whale
    Michael Snow, Allie Pohevitz, Eddie Fox, Erik Reichenbach, Hope Driskill, Malcolm Freberg, Corinne Kaplan

    Tigreng Warriors/Hyper
    Mascot: Tiger
    Malcolm Freberg, Brenda Lowe, John Cochran, Julia Landauer, Matt Bichoff, Michael Snow, Phillip Sheppard

    Mascot: Flying Fox Bat
    Malcolm Freberg, Andrea Boehlke, Corinne Kaplan, Phillip Sheppard, Shamar Thomas, Michael Snow, Sherri Biethman

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    Best Ever Pool Runner Angry Birds Champion pikachu's Avatar
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    Re: Survivor Caramoan Pool *sign up deadline February 20th, before the 2nd episode ai

    Pool Results
    Episode 2

    Welcome to the Survivor: Caramoan pool! Like the show this season, we have some returning favorites and new fans playing. Will returning champs, Florimel’s Droppa Mapantz, win the season again or will they end up in last place with the Wooden Spoon award?

    Before we get to the first results, here are some interesting pool statistics. We have 15 tribes in the pool this season, the same number of tribes we had in the Survivor: Phillipines pool. Malcolm was by far the most popular pick for tribe leader, with 6 of the 15 tribes choosing him. The second favorite tribe leader was Cochran. The most popular non-leader tribe members were Brenda, Dawn, Cochran, and Malcolm. The most popular ceremonial tribe members were Erik and Phillip. The least popular castaways, not chosen by any tribes, were Brandon and Laura.

    Scoring Events
    Every castaway still in the game got 10 points.
    The Favorites (Bikal) won both immunity (+5) and reward (+5).
    Allie was voted out (-10).

    Individual Scores
    Allie (Gota): 0 points
    Andrea (Bikal): 20 points
    Brandon (Bikal): 20 points
    Brenda: (Bikal)20 points
    Corinne (Bikal): 20 points
    Dawn (Bikal): 20 points
    Eddie (Gota): 10 points
    Erik (Bikal): 20 points
    Hope (Gota): 10 points
    Cochran (Bikal): 20 points
    Julia (Gota): 10 points
    Laura (Gota): 10 points
    Malcolm (Bikal): 20 points
    Michael (Gota): 10 points
    Matt (Gota): 10 points
    Phillip (Bikal): 20 points
    Reynold (Gota): 10 points
    Shamar (Gota) : 10 points
    Sherri (Gota): 10 points

    Tribe Rankings
    1. Team Maybs: 120 points
    2. Caramoaning: 110 points
    2. Mike Hawk’s Protection Plan: 110 points
    2. Ulong: 110 points
    3. Brenda’s Benchwarmers: 100 points
    3. Burning Love: 100 points
    3. Pating: 100 points
    3. The Fighting Felines: 100 points
    3. Tigreng Warriors: 100 points
    4. Caramoan Schmaramoan: 90 points
    4. Curare Bowhunters: 90 points
    4. JLuv’s Jokers: 90 points
    5. Droppa Mapantz: 80 points
    5. Retired Racers: 80 points
    6. The Natural Blues: 60 points

    Fifteen tribes are in Caramoa to compete for dominance over the other tribes. Team Maybs’ band of gorillas takes an early lead, establishing themselves at the head of the pack and beating their chests aggressively! Close behind them, Caramoaning’s zebras gallop into second place, tossing their manes and gnashing their teeth. Neck and neck with them, are Mike Hawk’s Protection Plan’s osprey, soaring up high to get a good vantage point, and Ulong’s flying fox, stretching their wings to ride the current. Five tribes share third place. Brenda’s Benchwarmers are a charging herd of elephants, plowing down the beach, trumpeting fiercely. Burning Love’s frilled lizard skitters across the sand, displaying its colorful frill to intimidate the other tribes. Pating’s great white shark looms in the surf, gnashing their teeth for another chance at victory! The Fighting Feline’s majestic lion roars menancingly as it lopes down the beach. Matching their pace are the Tigreng Warriors’ tigers, baring their teeth and growling to get slower tribes out of their way. Three tribes are in fourth place. Caramoan Schmaramoan’s tarsier scampers up a tree and leaps from limb to limb to keep up with the pack. Curare Bowhunters’ poison dart frog catches a ride on their back, saving their poison for a direct confrontation with an enemy. JLuv’s Jokers hyenas chortle maniacally as they scamper down the beach. In fifth place, Droppa Mapantz’s hippo lumbers along, slowed down by its heft. It may not be as fast as the other tribes but perhaps its might and endurance will bring it to the lead in the end. Alongside them are Retired Racers’ saluki, streaking through the sand in spurts, then pausing to catch their breath. In last place is The Natural Blues’ blue whale, trilling in the deep blue water for all the tribes to hear. Their sheer size and determination will make them a threat once they get a chance to take off!

    Team Maybs got the highest weekly score! As a reward, they win fishing gear, including a mask, snorkel, fins, a net, a Hawaiian sling, and a kit with lures and line.

    The competition has only just begun and it's too early to give up yet so it you're in an early lead, don't get too cocky, and if you're behind, don't get discouraged! As time goes on, the tribes should separate more instead of all being clustered together. Tune in next week to see how your tribe is doing.

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    Re: Survivor Caramoan Pool

    Droppa has faith in his river horse (hippopotamus in Greek). This pool is such fun. Thanks again, Pikachu.
    Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.
    -- Benjamin Franklin, Historical Review of Pennsylvania, 1759


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    Re: Survivor Caramoan Pool

    Can I change my tribe name to "Stealth R Us, Inc."? I've got "the Specialist", "the Enforcer" and the "Dominatrix" and the "Eliminator" on my tribe. Now I wish I had selected "the Intelligence Attache" and "True Grit" as well.

    Don't know how the Flying Foxes are going to defeat a gorilla though.

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    Re: Survivor Caramoan Pool

    Oh my...I'm tied for third place with four other teams who have elephants, lions, tigers and a shark for mascots...I fear for my poor frilled lizard!!!
    You could be the juiciest, most ripe peach, but there is still going to be someone who doesn't like peaches.

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    Re: Survivor Caramoan Pool

    Don't know how the Flying Foxes are going to defeat a gorilla though.
    It may require a mission of self sacrifice. A flying fox, the most intrepid, may have to propel itself down the throat of the raging gorilla. Good luck to you and all the other players in the pool, including Team Maybs.

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