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Thread: Survivor: Philippines Pool

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    Re: Survivor: Philippines Pool

    for my monkey friends! Movin' on up
    "All right, my turn." -Zach, BB16

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    Re: Survivor: Philippines Pool

    Pool Results
    Episode 7

    The tribes merged this week so there will be no further tribal bonuses for winning reward or immunity. Tribal associations are no more. Everyone in the pool gets to participate in a feast to celebrate the merge.

    Denise and Carter won individual immunity.
    Lisa found out about Malcolmís immunity idol by accident. Not because she suspected he had one and went looking for it and not because he told her about it. So for that reason, I did not give Lisa points for having Malcolm reveal his hidden immunity idol to her.
    Denise was the first to speak at tribal council. Skupin, Abi-Maria, Jeff, Lisa, Pete, and RC also spoke at tribal council.
    Abi-Maria was the first to vote.
    Votes were shown and/or comments made by Penner, Abi-Maria, Artis, Pete, and RC.
    Penner received five votes at tribal council. However, none of those counted since he played an immunity idol. In addition, since he successfully used the idol to save himself (he would have been voted out if he hadnít used it), he earned 10 bonus points.
    Pete received two votes.
    RC was voted out and became the first member of the jury.

    Individual Scores
    Abi-Maria: 21 points
    Artis: 13 points
    Carter: 20 points
    Denise: 25 points
    Jeff: 13 points
    Lisa: 13 points
    Malcolm: 10 points
    Penner: 23 points
    Pete: 12 points
    RC: 13 points
    Skupin: 13 points

    Weekly Tribe Scores
    Barking Bitches: 97 points
    Buffalo Thunder: 107 points
    Droppa Mapantz: 98 points
    Ferocious Feline: 83 points
    Hog Waller: 71 points
    JLuvís Jokers: 82 points
    Lolli: 104 points
    Monkey Madness: 98 points
    Pating: 68 points
    Pennerís Fantastic Four: 69 points
    ScOoToPhObIa: 57 points
    The Heartbreakers: 58points
    The Hip-sters: 89 points
    Tigreng Warriors: 81 points
    Tonkawa: 81 points

    Tribe Rankings
    1. The Hip-sters: 743points
    2. Droppa Mapantz: 733 points
    3. Ferocious Feline: 732 points
    4. Buffalo Thunder: 707 points
    5. Tonkawa: 674 points
    6. Barking Bitches: 665 points
    7. JLuvís Jokers: 651 points
    8. Pennerís Fantastic Four: 649 points
    8. Hog Waller: 649 points
    9. Pating: 648 points
    10. Tigreng Warriors: 595 points
    10. Lolli: 595 points
    11. Monkey Madness: 575 points
    12. ScOoToPhObIa: 526 points
    13. The Heartbreakers: 509 points

    If itís lonely at the top, The Hip-sters sure donít show it. Theyíre still enjoying the view from the top of the leaderboard. Droppa Mapantz reclaimed her seat in second place, waiting until Ferocious Feline was catnapping to gently pick her up and move her to third place. Buffalo Thunder continued quietly creeping toward the leading trio, trying to break into their alliance and form a pact to take each other to final four. Tonkawa held a pow-wow at fifth place to discuss strategy, psych themselves up for the win, and unnerve the other pool tribes. The Barking Bitches continued their mad dash up the leaderboard to sixth place, ferociously attacking Pennerís Fantastic Four and tossing them into Hog Wallerís mud bog at eighth place. JLuvís Jokers wisely climbed a tree and hid from the vicious mongrels at seventh place. Pating, smelling blood, dropped down to ninth place, hoping to make a meal of Pennerís Fantastic Four in case they didnít survive their injuries. Tigreng Warriors responded favorably to Lolliís advances last week and they formed an alliance at tenth place. Monkey Madness couldnít keep up the pace Lolli was setting with her new alliance so the distance between them increased. Theyíre monkeying around by themselves at eleventh place. ScOoToPhObIa and the Heartbreakers remain at the bottom of the leaderboard, waiting for a shakedown from above to send leading teams down several notches so they can overtake them.

    Buffalo Thunder got the highest weekly score and as a reward gets to have lunch with RC in the jury house.

    ScOoToPhObIa got the lowest weekly score so theyíll be helping Lisa with laundry this week. Maybe theyíll be lucky enough to find a hidden immunity idol and use it to break into a power alliance!

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    Re: Survivor: Philippines Pool

    Ok, all season long I have had the hidden extra 100 point medal & I am playing it right now, so regardless of what this thread says, I have magically catapulted into first place. Now, that's a blind side....Here's looking back at you!

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    Re: Survivor: Philippines Pool

    Oh my goodness, we have a sighting of flying pigs! Some people just have to hog all the glory and can't keep a secret without squealing. Don't be a ham, razorbacker, or you could end up laid out on a golden platter with an apple in your mouth and nobody to bring home the bacon.

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    Re: Survivor: Philippines Pool

    Droppa smiles and quickly adds more catnip to her shopping list. Ferocious Feline looked so contented as she dropped off for her catnap after finishing that saucer of milk. I shall try to slip her some more.
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    Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.
    -- Benjamin Franklin, Historical Review of Pennsylvania, 1759


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    Re: Survivor: Philippines Pool

    There was no freakin' way that The Fantastic Two were gonna lose their CEO. He played the damn idol and he's gonna get even with every single one of them!!!
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    Re: Survivor: Philippines Pool

    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyK View Post
    There was no freakin' way that The Fantastic Two were gonna lose their CEO. He played the damn idol and he's gonna get even with every single one of them!!!
    Penner's on the warpath now! No mercy!
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    Re: Survivor: Philippines Pool

    Pating is wounded. Only Penner & Malcolm are left and neither are my tribe leader.
    "Fish are friends, not food, but everything else is fair game." ~ Pating, Survivor Cagayan Pool

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    Re: Survivor: Philippines Pool

    Pool Results
    Episode 8

    Penner, Denise, Jeff, Lisa, and Malcolm won reward.
    Penner won individual immunity.
    Skupin was the first to speak at tribal council. Penner, Abi-Maria, Denise, Jeff, Lisa, Malcolm, and Pete also spoke at tribal council.
    Artis was the first to vote.
    Votes were shown and/or comments made by Lisa and Pete.
    Abi-Maria received one vote.
    Pete received four votes.
    Jeff was voted out and joined RC on the jury.

    Individual Scores
    Abi-Maria: 11 points
    Artis: 15 points
    Carter: 10 points
    Denise: 18 points
    Jeff: 13 points
    Lisa: 21 points
    Malcolm: 18 points
    Penner: 28 points
    Pete: 8 points
    Skupin: 15 points

    Weekly Tribe Scores
    Barking Bitches: 85 points
    Buffalo Thunder: 76 points
    Droppa Mapantz: 95 points
    Ferocious Feline: 93 points
    Hog Waller: 82 points
    JLuvís Jokers: 77 points
    Lolli: 93 points
    Monkey Madness: 85 points
    Pating: 59 points
    Pennerís Fantastic Four: 89 points
    ScOoToPhObIa: 62 points
    The Heartbreakers: 44 points
    The Hip-sters: 90 points
    Tigreng Warriors: 95 points
    Tonkawa: 97 points

    Tribe Rankings
    1. The Hip-sters: 833 points
    2. Droppa Mapantz: 828 points
    3. Ferocious Feline: 825 points
    4. Buffalo Thunder: 783 points
    5. Tonkawa: 771 points
    6. Barking Bitches: 750 points
    7. Pennerís Fantastic Four: 738 points
    8. Hog Waller: 731 points
    9. JLuvís Jokers: 728 points
    10. Pating: 707 points
    11. Tigreng Warriors: 690 points
    12. Lolli: 688 points
    13. Monkey Madness: 660 points
    14. ScOoToPhObIa: 654 points
    15. The Heartbreakers: 553 points

    Despite the upset at tribal council this week, the leaderboard in the pool didnít change much. The only movement was JLuvís Jokers, who dropped from seventh place to ninth place. Tonkawa, Barking Bitches, and Pennerís Fantastic Four were able to move up because they had Penner on their tribe and he was the highest scoring castaway this week. Malcolm scored pretty well also and Hog Waller, having him as their tribal leader, benefitted from that.

    Tonkawa got the highest weekly score! Their reward is a cruise up the river for some sightseeing and a picnic. Droppa Mapantz, Tigreng Warriors, Ferocious Feline, and Lolli get to go along as well because of their high scores. The Heartbreakers got the lowest score, drifting down the river on a leaky raft with only rice and beans to eat.

    ATTENTION, POOL TRIBES! This week, you have the opportunity to make changes to your tribe. You can replace one of your tribe members and you may choose a new tribal leader. You have until the show airs next week (Wednesday night) to let me know what changes you want to make. Think carefully because you wonít get another opportunity to update your tribe. Decisions you make this week will either ensure your victory or seal your doom!

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    Re: Survivor: Philippines Pool

    I would like to replace the Hip-sters fallen warrior Jeff with MALCOLM.

    Sorry Penner, though old(er) you are pulled in too many directions and I guess we need another young(er) stud to keep our tribe strong. Otherwise, you would have been a perfect draftee.
    The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity. Dorothy Parker, (attributed)

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