What are your top 3 favorite episodes of Survivor? You may use any episode from the beginning of Survivor including the current season.

My favorites would have to be:

Survivor 4, Episode 13 --

Plain and simple this is my favorite episode. Vee won. I wanted her to win from day 1. What also made her win more enjoyable is that I didn't see it coming!!!

Survivor 4, Episode 8 --

The overthrow of Rotu. A group of 5 people with nothing in common worked together to outbeat Rotu at their own game. Furthermore I liked this episode, because it caused Vee to win!!!

Survivor 7, Episode 7 Part 1 --

Ever since Survivor 4, I have never seen an episode as good as this one. Although I didn't want the outcasts to return (I hate most of them for different reasons!!!) it was an exciting episode. So was the two tribal councils. It was just a weird episode (probably the weirdest so far...) and it was good to see something different.