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Thread: Take that, Friends!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maveno

    That was funny.
    Yes, Friends has grown stale.

    Yeah! I'm so glad to see Survivor packing in the ratings, it's a great season.
    Yeah. Except I only watched Friends once and I didn't like it.

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    [QUOTE=jpoliver]to Tmcrae...

    Although we know "Survivor" isn't going anywhere, with an "all-stars" edition (reportedly featuring selected persons from the first five seasons, excluding Thailand, Amazon, and Pearl Islands) starting following the Super Bowl in February 2004, but CBS has confirmed that there will be a fifth season of "The Amazing Race".

    Wonder why they wouldn't include anyone from Thailand or The Amazon? Some of those contestants made for good tv. I just hope all the contestants are not all dominant personalities...loud, argumentative, bossy, etc. I fear this will be the case though. Part of the appeal of each season is the varying personalities. I've liked many of the quiet contestants.

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    I definitely don't get why they can't get anyone from 5 or 6! Makes me upset because I liked a lot of the people in those seasons especially Dave

    But hahahahaha! Take that Friends is right. Someone explain how my friend who loved Survivor: Amazon wouldn't even give Pearl Islands a chance because she'd much rather watch Friends? She said I was getting pushy about Survivor but excuse me when she's missing out on one of the best seasons yet. Why would she pick Friends over Survivor when Friends is soooo lame now? Someone end that show before it comes back for another season.

    I never ever watch NBC. Ever. So when there's a special on or whatever, I miss it. I only watch it during the olympics.

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