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Thread: Trish's Chat

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill_in_PDX
    This is a reminder to all. Baiting posts between members is NOT allowed at the FORT. Direct your comments toward the characters on the show, not each other.

    Ummmm....excuse me, but the "baiting post" was directed at ME, and that post is still here on this thread? If you're going to remove my post which was not a baiting post to begin with....you should remove the original post. Thanks.

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    The post has been edited. And your post was not the only post removed.

    NOW PLAY NICE!!!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ilikai
    The post has been edited. And your post was not the only post removed.

    NOW PLAY NICE!!!!!!

    Your av always scares me when you are scolding people Ilikai. That little dude looks like he means business.
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    I've been checking Survivor related sites for a transcript of the chat.
    I'm not proficient enough a typist to transcribe as the chat is in progress.
    I'll keep checking.
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    Transcribed by: seftor

    Q: You were pretty low key until last night, what provoked you to suddenly stick your neck out like that?
    Trish: Actually, I wasn't low key in the game, althought they portrayed me as being more low key than I was. We were definitely concerned about Rupert the last two days before the IC and people were realizing that his strategy was to be extremely important to the Drake tribe, and what made people start to feel uncomfortable was that he was becoming extremely important to the Morgan tribe, and we realized he was much more votable than we thought he was going to be. When Rupert started to help them build their shelter and catch fish, and when he won the challenge for them, and then ultimately when Andrew came over and took our food source (rice) when we'd always said we'd never touch Morgan's food source, we realized that Rupert cut a deal with Andrew behind our back. And we were chocked that Rupert had made this deal with Andrew regarding our rice and a couple of days before the challenge, everybody was just talking about Rupert, and how he was playing both tribes against one another, and we realized the Rupert would be extremely hard to beat going into the merge. We were all there to win the million dollars and we decided we didn't want to sit back and let Rupert cruise to the final two. It was a very difficult decision for me personally, because I really liked Rupert.

    Q: You mentioned that your tribe was upset at Rupert "giving away your food." Did you NOT understand that food was what the Morgan tribe needed most and could have, if not for Rupert, taken ALL of your rice?
    Trish: Yes, we understood that they could have taken all of our rice, but our strategy would have been to disguise the rice in a different container, which is what they did to us. So, we had no intention of sitting back and letting them take all of our rice.

    Q: How could you trust Shawn after you saw how he flipped on Burton and Michelle?
    Trish: I didn't trust Shawn at all, but we decided to let Shawn know he wasn't going to get voted off, and we were trying to be nice. We never thought that after we just saved his butt, he would then go to Rupert.

    Q: How did you feel about Sandra's comments about the person that was going at TC, once you realized it was you?
    Trish: Well, Sandra decided to come to TC and slam anybody that was going to get voted off. She did that to Michelle, and she did that to Burton. I really didn't like that about Sandra, she has a real mean streak. When she said that, I felt very bad for Rupert, obviously thinking he was the one who was going to get voted off. When my name came up, it was obviously quite a surprise, but if that's the way Sandra felt, I have to respect her feelings.

    Q: Do you consider the people on Drake as friends?
    Trish: Yes, I absolutely do. I thought they did a great job in spinning the game their way and while I was very surprised that they voted me off, I also had a lot of respect for the game and that anything can happen. To this day, I hope that a Drake wins the million dollars.

    Q: Did you feel guilty leaving Jon in the position that he is in?
    Trish: No, I don't feel guilty at all, because Jon was part of the plan to continue to play the game. We could have just sat back and let Rupert take the game away from everybody, because he was so dominant with both tribes. We chose instead to play the game, because if the merge happened, and Rupert was still intact, there wasn't a doubt in anybody's mind (including Sandra and Christa) that Rupert could go all the way. Sandra and Christa, for the record, always said that they would never go to the final two with Rupert, because nobody felt that they could win against him.

    Q: What was worse: bug bites or Jon's mouth?
    Trish: *laughs* The bug bites are worse than Jon's mouth, but Jon's a very close second.

    Q: Who will win: Yankees or Marlins?
    Trish: *laughs* The Yankees.

    Q: Rupert was wearing underwear last night, where did those come from?
    Trish: Rupert always had his underwear with him. He was wearing them when he jumped off the ship. Unfortunately for everybody, he would choose not to wear them for most of the day so that they could dry out. So, we had quite a full view of Rupert each and every day.

    Q: It seems like Shawn was really getting you guys mad at him, with his work ethic - was he really lazy?
    Trish: I didn't think he was that lazy, however, he was very obnoxious in just playing the game. I felt he was really playing the game more for the publicity than for the million dollars. He'd talk incessantly about who was getting interviewed, and who wasn't getting interviewed. But, I had a lot of good talks with Shawn and there was a part of him that I liked very much.

    Q: We all know that you and the other bootees come back next week. Were you shocked when you heard this was going to happen?
    Trish: I have no idea what you're talking about.

    Q: Were you shocked to see that Jon treated Morgan the way he did, or the determination in Andrew as a result of it?
    Trish: No, I wasn't shocked at all to see how Jon treated Morgan, because frankly, that's how Jon treated us. Jon is someone who says what's on his mind and he really doesn't hold back anything. I don't think Andrew's determination had anything to do with what Jon said. I think it was more about immunity for Morgan than what Jon said.

    Q: What did your tribe think of Christa holding as much weight as Osten?
    Trish: We were really proud of Christa. We thought she did a great job, and she had a lot of pressure on her (literally). I think she should be very proud of how she competed in that challenge.

    Q: Did you have a strategy from day one, or did you play day by day?
    Trish: I was playing day by day, but my overall strategy was not to go under the radar, and not to be the person being the one sticking my neck out. When I felt strongly about something, I said so, and if something didn't matter to me, I was quiet. I was surprised at how much I liked everybody and what a great tribe we had. Frankly, the game was very easy for me. Physically, I was prepared, mentally, I was prepared, and socially, there wasn't one night where I thought I was going to be the one voted off. I genuinely liked everyone and got along with everyone.

    Q: What do you think were the greatest strengths and weaknesses of the Drake tribe?
    Trish: The greatest strength was how well we got along with one another. Every once in a while, a fight would flare up, but it would dissipate just as quickly, with no hard feelings. Our greatest weakness was letting Burton go too early.

    Q: Did you closely follow previous seasons of Survivor?
    Trish: Yes, I've seen every episode of Survivor.

    Q: What is the toughest thing for a 40ish person?
    Trish: I didn't think there was anything tough for a 40ish year-old person. I really believe age has nothing to do with it. I was the oldest member in a very young tribe and in a very young game, and I never felt that was a handicap. I was also extremely physically fit, and I made sure everyone knew it.

    Q: Did your family think you were crazy when you went off to play on Survivor?
    Trish: No, my family didn't think I was crazy. My family always thought that I was perfectly suited for Survivor because I live life to the fullest, I love adventure, I'm very competitive, I'm easy to get along with, and I like money, so they were extremely supportive and excited when I made the show.

    Q: What made you think you could trust Sandra with your plan?
    Trish: I thought I could trust Sandra because from the beginning, she was vocal that no one should go to the final two with Rupert, and her strategy was "I'll vote anyone off as long as it's not me." So, Sandra really was, she pretty much did what anyone asked her to do as far as voting goes. In the end, ironically, I was really the last one to jump on board on the final decision to vote of Rupert, and Sandra actually asked me, "Trish, are you in or are you out?" It was clear to me at that point that we were all on the same wavelength.

    Q: Is there anything that happened out there that was not aired that you would like to tell us about?
    Trish: I think that people don't realize who's in alliances with each other. They haven't shown very much of the relationships on the Drake tribe. It's basically whether we've won or lost a challenge, and the latest fight Jon's having with someone. But, there are some really wonderful behind the scenes friendships that I had with Rupert, Christa, Sandra, Jon, and even Shawn.

    Q: What do you think of Shawn stating "it's my game now" as he voted you off last night?
    Trish: I think that Shawn has no idea really how to play the game, and he pretty much believed anything that anybody told him. I think his ego really could not let him go beyond his own immortality.

    Q: Has your opinion of anyone on your tribe changed after watching the shows? Who and why?
    Trish: Yes, my opinion of Christa has changed. Christa and I were really close, and with me, Christa was 100% vocal from the second day that she was never going to go into the merge with Rupert, because in her opinion, she wanted the merge part of the game to be an even playing field for herself. She felt that Rupert would be way too strong in the individual challenges, and too unbeatable at the final two to play the second half of the game. So, I was surprised to see her turn against me so vehemently at TC.

    Q: Do you think Rupert is the reason why the tribe won so many challenges in the beginning?
    Trish: No, I think Burton was the reason we won so many challenges. Burton was the best Survivor player I've ever seen during a challenge. He was strong, he was competitive, and he was strategic. Rupert was strong and competitive, but he was not strategic, and that's one of the reasons why we lost the last two challenges.

    Q: In a chat, Michelle referred to Sandra as useless. What do you think?
    Trish: I think that Sandra was not useless because she let everybody know her strategy (again, as long as it wasn't her, she'd vote anybody off). Therefore, when you needed another vote, you could pretty much count on Sandra, or so I thought. But, other than that, yeah, she was pretty useless.

    Q: Michelle also felt Rupert was there to "be on TV" - do you feel that way now that you've seen the episodes?
    Trish: No, I don't feel that way. I think that Rupert showed some unnecessary bravado which he did play up for the cameras, but I think essentially, he was there to win the million dollars, just like we all were.

    Q: Other than being voted off, did you have any embarrassing moments that we did not get to see?
    Trish: No, I didn't have any other embarrassing moments.

    Q: Why is it that tribes seem to eventually dislike the ones who do all the work (or most of it)?
    Trish: That's a good question. I think that essentially, the people that are working hard are ultimately seen as either leaders or threats. And there's two things you don't want to be: and that's a leader or a threat. Unfortunately, lazy players who aren't really out there to play the game end up doing very well.

    Q: Why did Drake take the pot instead of the shower? You already had pots, but no shower?
    Trish: This is another instance of Rupert wanting to dominate the game. We discussed taking the shower, and Rupert wouldn't hear of it. He felt that Morgan needed the shower more than we did, which was another red flag to use that Rupert was dangerous.

    Q: If you could steal a member from the Morgan tribe, who would it be and why?
    Trish: The person I would've stolen would've been Tijuana, because she was strong, she was smart, and I think I could have formed an alliance with her if I absolutely had to. But, I had no intention of forming any alliances with any Morgans after the merge, unless it was strategically decided by the Drakes.

    Q: Were you surprised by Jon's puppet master comments?
    Trish: No, I was not surprised by his puppet master comment, because Jon really believes that he is a puppet master. Somehow, even though Jon was obnoxious and you couldn't trust him, oddly enough he was very believable.

    Q: What exactly is that stupid looking dance Jon does on his way to vote?
    Trish: Jon is a wrestling hero in his own mind. I do believe that dance is totally for the cameras.

    Q: Did Jon tell the rest of your tribe that he washed his hair while looting the other camp?
    Trish: Yes, he did. Jon came back from looting the other tribe, telling us how he washed his hair, and how different Morgan members pulled him aside to make secret alliances with the Drakes. Something none of use were surprised about, because it seemed to us from the beginning that Morgan was not a cohesive tribe.

    Q: How can I get my buff to look like a perfect tube top?
    Trish: *laughs* Buy a buff online, wear it out in the woods for 22 days, roll it up really tight, run 24 marathons, do 200 sit-ups everyday and maybe you might look like me.

    Q: What's harder, competing in a marathon, or being on Survivor? What was more satisfying?
    Trish: Oh, that's a very good question. A marathon is harder and I would say they're both equally satisfying in different ways. A marathon shows strength, stamina, and endurance, and has very little to do with socialization. Being on Survivor is about strength, stamin, and endurance, and has everything to do with socialization.

    Q: Would you agree being able to lie is a good talent to have in this game?
    Trish: Yes, being able to lie well while you're looking somebody straight in the eye is a very important talent to have in this game. If you can't do that, you're never going to win it.

    Q: Sandra got Drake off to a strong start by stocking up in the village. Don't you agree that was key to Drake's early success?
    Trish: Yes, I think Sandra was an important key to our village success. She was awesome in the village.

    Q: Were you dreading Jeff's questions at TC?
    Trish: No, I wasn't dreading his questions at all because I was very confident in our strategy, and I absolutely believe and still believe it was the right one, so I was actually looking forward to his questions. I have to say that the answers from the other Survivors surprised me.

    Q: When you looted Morgan, did you give away any information you wished you hadn't?
    Trish: No, when I looted Morgan, my goal was to find out as much about the Morgan tribe as possible, so I wanted to find out individually who these people were. Who had college degrees, what their background was, who was friends with who. That kind of information was more important to us than taking the lantern.

    Q: What did you all do with the hammock from the buried treasure?
    Trish: We put the hammock up to try to dry it out and get rid of the mold, but at the end of the day, it smelled so foul that no one would get on it.

    Q: Did you see Jeff smile when he put out your fire?
    Trish: No, I didn't notice his smile, and I don't think that Jeff ever likes to see somebody blindsided. I don't think that if he did smile, it really meant anything at all.

    Q: Can you tell us 1 or 2 things that Rupert did the last 3 days that bothered you?
    Trish: Well, there's nothing that he did that bothered me anymore than it bothered anybody else, but I think the straw with Rupert for all of us was when Andrew came over to loot and Rupert acted like he was his best friend instead of a competitor. Especially when we're working in a game with numbers and it's critical for Drake to go into the merge with more numbers than Morgan. We were shocked to hear Rupert tell Andrew that the looting was a friendship swap and not really a looting. Additionally, Rupert continued to boast loudly about his relationship with the Morgan tribe, and how well he was liked by everybody.

    Trish: Keep watching the show, there's lots of new twists and turns coming up that you won't expect, and this truly is the best Survivor of all. Thanks for your kind words and your support. Cheers!

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    Excellent, thanks The Flying
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    Even though I was there for the live chat, I appreciate you posting the transcript for reference. Thanks Flying.
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    Yup, thanks TheFlying! That was greatly appreciated!

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