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Thread: All survivor seasons: Best? Worst?

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    Survivor 1
    Survivor 2
    Survivor 3 a little dry but I really liked Ethan, Tina, Lex and the country man (I can't remember his name)
    Survivor's 4, 5 and 6 just didn't do it for me.
    Survivor 7 just may take the upper spot. I can't remember being this excited waiting for the next episode.

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    Nothing can ever replace Survivor, the original for me. It was a wildly different viewing experience for me than all of those following (which I still enjoy).

    Didn't really care for the boredom of S3 and S5.
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    Wow, I can't believe how many people hated last season! I loved it! I guess I loved how unpredictable it was and there were a lot of likable characters in it. Everytime someone got cocky(happened 3 or 4 times in a row after the merge) they went and mostly never saw it coming. It was great. Besides, it had the hottest Survivor EVER, Dave! I wish he could come back for All Star!

    Alright, here is my order of favorites: Survivor: Outback, it was such a likable cast, and I loved Elisabeth so much, she was the coolest, a great role model for someone my age(I was 16) and Colby and Tina were likable too. I really hated seeing Keith get to the final 3, it was really disappointing. And when Kimmi sold Jeff out that was a really big disappointment, too!

    Survivor: Amazon, I've already said why I liked the show. I thought the girls vs. guys thing was fun, too. It was hilarious seeing the guys fantasize about the girls all the time. And seeing the girls beat the guys in the first challenge was the best thing ever! I liked Dave from that first episode, though, he wasn't such a cocky jerk like the rest of his tribe(like you guys didn't know I liked Dave, ) and I admit to liking Heidi and Jenna in the beginning...I liked Heidi whenever she saved Dave, hahahaha.

    Survivor: Palau Tiga, I hardly remember this season, but I will never forget Sue's "I'll never give you a drop of water to drink" speech to Kelly. Since I hardly remember it, it drops to 3rd place.

    Survivor: Marquesas, I hated the winner, she was completely useless and I wanted Neleh to win in the worst way. She was also my favorite that season, too, with the exception of her breath mint thing. I think she had a blonde moment, though. I just thought she was cool for creating the overthrow of those Rotu brats who just needed to go.

    Survivor: Thailand, this season had a lot less fighting and laziness in general, I think, compared to the 4th season, but it was boring and once again, I was repulsed with the winner, Brian. Although I'd rather see him win than Clay, the sexist pig KING! I have never seen anyone so sexist as him, and hated him from the first sexist comment he made and wanted him gone so of course he made it to the final 2. Brian was the lesser of 2 evils.

    Survivor: Africa, I really didn't care for this season. I hated a ton of the characters, namingly Lex who threatened to slit whoever's throat of the person who voted for him. He actually scared me when he pulled that. And Kim J making it to the final 2 was quite a disappointment, never really thought she deserved to be there. And the way Brandon voted in the last TC was stupid too. And the way the old people were against the young people in Samburu, blah. So I've heard that it was a two way street and the old people alienated the young people too. Dunno, but that tribe went from being my fav for the first couple of weeks to a hated tribe because of all the laziness and stuff. A great moment: the first ever Oh Sh** face made: Silas when he realized he was getting switched to Boran without any of his alliance buddies. I thought the guy was hot, but hey, his face was priceless and I laughed like crazy.

    So there you are, my fav seasons and detailed descriptions of why they are in the order they are.

    The reason there's no Pearl Islands is that it hasn't come to a conclusion yet. It could be a very disappointing ending or whatever. Rupert and Ryan may not make it far past the merge if at all(Ryan should definitely make it though) so I am not saying where I'd put this, but so far I am LOVING it! Currently it's number 3 behind Amazon.
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    OK, I didn't watch 1 or 2
    However Big Tom #3 will always be my favorite survivor, Rupert #7 is in a very close 2nd.

    My rankings are: fav to least fav
    6 (sorry, but when they allowed Jenna to win I
    felt like, if a whiney, lazy person can win 1 million for doing absolutly nothing, anyone could win. She definitly didn't deserve it.)
    I can't really give an opinion yet on # 7 untill I see more. But what I have seen and heard I might become an ex- survivor fan.

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