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Thread: SPECULATION on Episode 6 Boot and Future Spoilers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stargazer401
    Everyones wrong!! I have it on good authority that Bigfoot comes running out of the woods and kidnaps Jon. The others consider mounting a rescue and then realize that they are better off.

    *insert maniacal laughter here*
    Oh, how I wish that was really going to happen...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bumpkin
    So will you elaborate about your sources or the basis for your speculations?
    Jayjay's not going to, Bump. He claims/implies that he has some sort of inside knowledge of what's gonna happen on the show, and he promised to "reveal all" after his Trish prediction, but he has yet to do so. He probably just goes to one of the other spoiler sites and reads what they say and then posts it here as his own "prediction". :rolleyes

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