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Thread: 3/18/07 - show discussion- **spoilers**

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    3/18/07 - show discussion- **spoilers**

    Well, the good news is that next weeks episode is the season finale and hopefully the producers will not make it a two parter.

    Verne went home. No surprise and long expected.

    Rob (Vanilla Ice) exploded. No surprise it is a pattern of behavior. Interested to note is that he also uses the technique of throwing it back at the other person, and changing the subject. Rob likes to claim he is an honorable man but I find his tantrums tiring, at this point boring because I have seen so many of them, and incredibly childish.

    Surprise there was a charge of cheating during one of the challenges and that is what leads up to the big blow up.

    I totally agree with Pepa Rob needs to listen to all that is said before exploding, but she also needed to do that.

    Hopefully with the finale being the last weekend in March that means Celebrity Fit Club 5 is next.

    Next week March 25 there will be a marathon of SLFG episodes starting at noon until 8pm and then the season finale at 9pm the finale will repeat at 11pm.
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    I don't think Rob's chances are good of winning. Next week is the tatrums of all trantrums by him. If he hadn't already lost by that point, he will certainly be ejected for that.

    I say Traci wins. The editing pointed to that tonight, with the whole Traci/Verne thing. I hope Pepa wins though.

    Gosh that Verne elimination was a long time coming. He dragged on much longer than he should have, plus he really had a crappy attitude.

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