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Thread: 2/18/07 - show discussion - spoilers

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    2/18/07 - show discussion - spoilers

    VH1 needs to be more careful of its commercials showing upcoming stuff cause you can tell what will happen later on in the show. At one point they showed CC Demille and he is gone.

    Anyway I thought it was dispicable the way Ice and Andrea when after Verne and said to him that Manny is trying to manipulate him. What are Ice and Andrea doing? Being friends? Please they too are trying to manipulate Verne into getting rid of Manny cause they think Manny is a threat to win and Verne is not. Can't Verne see that. How that man survived in Hollywood is beyond me. Still that is my personal opinon. As an overall strategy is it a good one and it shows how competitive and cutthoart Ice and Andrea are.
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    That was complete and utter bullsh*t. Andrea and Rob we're completely favored over the rest of the cast...how can Ludacris and Beverly Johnson be lower than sports player whom I've never heard of! Kennedy or whatever her name was, was full of crap. This show sucks.

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