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Thread: Jordan Knight - Fame Games

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    I had a similar situation happen when I was in high school. I was a lead in my school play and we were planning to go see another school's production of the same play. We found out my grandmother had a heart attack and when I asked if I should go to the hospital, I was told it was minor and could see her the net day. Instead she died a few hours later. That was over 15 years ago and I still beat myself up over not going to see her. I can only imagine what Jordan Knight is going through.

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    While I found him to be a bit boring on his season I hated the way he had to go. I felt horrible for him.

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    kimrs, I'm sorry to hear about your loss, even 15 years later. Yes, it could be exactly like that, and I don't fault Jordan for going on the show even if he knew that his grandmother was ill. He's an adult. His grandmother probably wasn't young, and so her not being well for some time and then dying rather suddenly is certainly likely. As for those who thought he was a cad for going on the show rather than hanging out with his grandmother on the chance that she might die, well, he's trying to make a living as a "celebrity" and this is work. Of course I would have felt differently if it was his wife or child or one of his parents even, but a grandmother? I'm sorry, but I must be the biggest ass of alltime because I wasn't with any of my grandparents when they died. I was there to support my parents afterwards, but I was never on "death watch" for grandparents or great aunts or uncles or other relatives outside of my immediate family.
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    Just to clarify FORT rules - posters here are allowed to criticize reality show contestants as much as they want. Posters are not, however, allowed to criticize another poster for their opinion of a reality show contestant.
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