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Thread: Vanilla Ice - Fame Games

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    I love Vanilla Ice, I think it is awful how people make fun of him. When he came out with Ice Ice Baby, that song and video were sooooooo popular. There weren't any white rappers back then, he opened the door for Eminem. I really hope this brings his popularity back so he can have another chance at stardom.

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    well Rob was the most popular at the photobooth challenge, so he is obviously somewhat popular with the public. He cracks me up. I remember him destroying his video on some VH1 special years ago (or was it MTV) retiring the most over-played videos ever, and he wrecked everything in sight. Yes, he loves breaking stuff.
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    I hope vanilla ice wins, but could anyone tell me what exactly this show is about?

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    I hope Rob Van Winkel is the next person sent packing. His ego is out of control for being a pathetic washed up has-been. This dude is an out and out joke in the music industry and released one of the Top 10 worst movies of all time.

    His tough guy act and tatooed look are transparent. Fading into obscurity would be a far better strategy for him. Anger management classes would be a great place to start.

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