This episode was fun, Dr. Flo dispensed her observations about the cast and gave each some advice. The observations was accompanied by videos of the cast. All the men and transgenders, took the observations and advice with a good heart. I was shocked to see Maven popping Vicadin. Andrea and Tawny were not appreciative at all of what Dr. Flo did. Andrea was really pissed that all the tapes showed were her drinking, flashing her tits or ass and cussing Dr. Flo. Dr. Flo was very gracious but Andrea was not and felt she was personally attacked and was upset that no one stood up for her. Steve from Smashmouth said that well, you did drink alot and flash you tits and ass to everyone in the house and to total strangers in bars. Major DUH! What surprised me is that After all the crap that Tawny threw on Dr. FLo, none of it was shown in the video. We did see a lot of Tawny's emotion garbage from when she was a kid. She needs therapy and at what 42 or so she needs to get past her childhood tramas and learn how to forgive and get past and move on and grow. This is exactly what Dr. Flo advised and it went right over Tawny's head and Tawny basically gave Dr. Flo the finger again.

Seriously, since both Tawny and Andrea built both there careers on their bodies I think they see any other female as a possible competitor and move immediately to cut them down. What is sad is that they are competiting against a 72 female and in my eyes they do not compare and only make themselves look bad. Again, I do think that Tawny is on something her behaviour is very unstable.