Initially there is fall out from the talk show segment. Tawny and Andrea think Flo deserved what she got and feel no remorse. I think Tawny is still on drugs.

The next challenge is a competition between big hair bands the Surreal Life vs Passion (I think that was the name). The producers put Tawny in charge. By now I think these producers understand Tawny causes automatic conflict and they put her in a position to do the most harm and create the most chaos. I do feel Alexis should have handled the wig thing differently. She could have just explained that using her wigs was a big no no and not wreck the band. I wonder if Tawny is hard of hearing, dense, stupid or just wacked when she doesn't comprehend no keyboards are needed. I must admit she provides so much material for the editors that that entire sequence is a joy to watch. You can't write this stuff no one would believe it. Of the men I can see that CC is getting the most out of this experience and it is gratifying to share in his joy when he accomplishes tasks without alcohol and does quite well.