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Thread: 4/9 - live news cast

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    4/9 - live news cast

    I guess I am the only one watching this but it was fun. The news show went off well except; Sherman did the worst with the weather with Tawny 2nd worst for not knowing how to handle an ad lib from Florence. Tawny seems to get flusthered very easily and plays the blame game, "Florence did it to make me look bad". When Tawny does that it makes her look bad. Well, next week, she will try to get her revenge but will it suceed or backfire? Tune in next week to find out.
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    Tawny takes Florence as a guest on her "talk show" and says she's going to get her back for putting her on the spot. This isn't a very exciting season. Although I do love the fact that Maven really stood up for Alexis at the bar!
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    KSBY is my local NBC station, and I remember watching the news cast the day it aired live! It was funny, and what was even better was the next day, when they talked about the show, and the 'people from the Surreal Life'.....that was hysterical.

    I had completely forgotten about it, until the previews about them going to do a local news show, and I had to watch....

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    Still watching. Just watched pt 1 of the talk show episode.

    Wow, Tawny is quite the ..... umm... piece of work...

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