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Thread: 3/26 Episode of the Surreal Life *Spoilers?*

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    3/26 Episode of the Surreal Life *Spoilers?*

    I hope what I watched wasn't a repeat, but I caught the episode where they worked on the video for Smashmouth.

    I'm really not liking Tawny K. She's just so full of herself. Still, where they showed her calling the blond Playboy bunny a "slut", did you notice how it was a complete edit chop of her just saying that one word? On the premiere, she said she wouldn't call her a slut for posing, and I think they just edited that one word in. What a cheap trick!
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    Yeah, that's what it seemed like an edit, thanks for pointing it out. Looks as if you and I are the only ones watching or everyone else it looking for the thread in the other reality show thread.

    Tawny is starting to get to me. I think she has problems with attention. Looks as if she has to always be the center of it. Again I can't help notice that she needs to work out and tone her upper arms she is not 20 any longer and more likely 50. She also needs a new haircut her current one sucks. I hear Jonathan will be visiting the Surreal Life and hopefully will give her a cut. I also don't understand her absolute need to be a total budget dictator. I mean if you are given $1500 to spent on props use all of it. Amazingly, Andrea and Tawny seem to be the 2 that will be the drama queens in this cycle.
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