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Thread: Season 6 Cast Announced

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    I caught the show tonight and had not planned on watching but the cast seemed interesting. I can see Andrea already to paly the rebelious teen to Dr. Flo's mom image. Loved Maven, why did they fuzz out his ass, I wanted to see it.

    Poor, Tawny, abusing alcohol is never kind to a woman's skin. She looks as if she has gone a few rounds in the ring with someone.

    CC looks great for coming out of rehab, I wonder if he and Jeff Conaway from Celebrity Fit club were in the same place????

    Outside of Sherman, Flo and Tawney I don't know any of these folks but they seem to be melding well. The men, CC and Steve have a good strategy, let the girls cat fight and sit back and watch. I can just imagine in the good old days before tv and the gladiator fights the cave men would drop a word or two to the woman and sit back around the fire and watch them fight and be entertained. Not much has changed in how many millions of yrs of humanity.

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    What was with the guy in the yellow underpants?


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    Here is an article about the incident mentioned:


    Finley, Kitaen accuse each other of violence, drug abuse

    The Associated Press

    Thursday, May 16, 2002

    Orange, Calif. Actress Tawny Kitaen and her husband, pitcher Chuck Finley of the Cleveland Indians, accused one another of domestic violence and drug abuse in dueling court documents obtained Wednesday by The Associated Press.

    Petitioning to regain custody of their two children, Kitaen claimed that Finley started a fight that led to her arrest in April. She also accused him of alcohol and drug abuse, and said he took steroids.

    In his petition to keep custody of the children, Finley alleged that Kitaen's "acts of domestic violence and chronic drug abuse place the children at risk."

    The petitions were filed May 2 in Orange County Superior Court. A hearing on Kitaen's request has been continued until June 3.

    Claiming that his wife is addicted to prescription medication, Finley's petition stated, "Her abuse of drugs, legal or illegal, impair her abilities to provide a safe environment for the children."

    Finley filed divorce papers and obtained a temporary restraining order after his wife allegedly attacked him in their car. The court order also gave him temporary custody of the couple's daughters, ages 9 and 3.

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    From surreal to real for Brady

    Surreal life made me a My Fair Brady fan and in my now obsessive compulsive search for all things My Fair Brady, I came across a sneak peek of the premiere of My Fair Brady's Season 2 at VH1's Vspot.

    Chris is a lucky man...I just can't believe he's dating my ex!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TnCountryChick;1605843;
    Seems like it will be a boring cast.

    Alexis Arquette was in the Adam Sandler movie "The Wedding Singer." He/She played the Boy George singer in his band.

    Ive never heard of that Andrea girl.
    I was going back and reading this thread and OMG...I didn't realize that Alexis was in the Wedding Singer...apparently I have been hiding under a rock But now that its been mentioned I do remember that!!! Can you say
    Reality is the beginning...not the end....Wallace Stevens

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