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Thread: Who Would you Cast for the Next Season?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Corine
    Ok.. this is a challenge and I love a challenge

    Willie Aames- Eight is enough, Charles in Charge
    Corin Nemec- The Stand
    Todd Bertuzzi- NHL
    Lochlyn Munro- Northwood, White Chicks
    Andrew Shue- Melrose Place
    Nancy McKeon- Facts of Life
    Debbie Gibson- musical artist in the 80's
    Miss Cleo- Famed "Psychic"
    Keisha Knight Puliam- Rudy from Cosby Show

    How is that?
    Miss Cleo- Famed "Psychic" - That has to be my favorite idea.
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    The Men

    David Crosby
    Robert Downey Jr.
    Johnathon from TAR
    David Faustino from Married with Children
    Puck from Real World 1

    The Women

    Ryan Starr AI
    Jerri Matheny Survivor
    Trish Stratus WWE Diva
    Jessica Simpson
    Martha Stewart

    The X Factor


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    Ryan Starr was already on SL3 and Jerri was on SL1. But aside from that, the choices were good.

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    Roseanne; and I will go along w/Danny Bonaduce and Allison Arngrim too.

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    Puck from Real World? Good call, Damon.

    I can't believe nobody mentioned Gary Busey. That guy is a lunatic. Get him and Puck in the house and you'd have chaos.

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    No Puck please. He's gaggy.

    He's also got more ego than any of the past SL'ers combined.

    Somehow I don't think celebs would put up with him - his nose picking, his stink, his obnoxious behavior. They'd blindfold him and call a cab, telling them to dump him somewhere in Griffith Park.

    Gary Busey would be a trip though - I'd vote for him. Or how about Rutger Hauer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glitternerfball
    I think it would be interestng to have:
    MIke Tyson

    locked in the house together

    Jon Lovitz and Gilbert Gottfried ar good as well.

    I was thinkin Fred Savage from Boy Meets World, he's nowhere anymore.

    Alton Brown from the Food Network
    Actually, Fred Savage is the Executive producer and Director of the Disney Channel show "Phil of the Future". Great show. It's quite hilarious. Pim is my hero!!!
    My list is:

    Jason Mewes (Jay & Silent Bob)
    Bam Margera or Wee Man (Jacka$$)
    Richard Simmons would be a trip!
    Shannen Dougherty (so we can see if the rumors are true!)
    Tina Yothers would be interesting (she's in a rock band!)
    Clay Aiken (I admit it. I'm a Claymaniac!!!)
    Shelly Long (Cheers)

    ETA: I just realized that you were referring to BEN Savage from Boy Meets World and I was referring to his older and much cuter brother (I had a HUGE crush on him!) FRED Savage from the Wonder Years.
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    Beth (The Bounty HUnter)
    Gary Busey
    Elizabeth Taylor
    Diana Ross
    Robert Blake
    Luigi (Growing Up Gotti)
    Joan Rivers

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    Robert Blake would be excellent... and why not OJ or Phil Spector in the next seasons? ;P I'd also love to see the Captain and Tennille! Or Peaches n Herb. Let's get some of those singing stars from way-back-when in there... Would Pat Benatar do it, you think? She'd be a hoot... she is actually fairly domestic I think (well I once saw her at Ralphs in no makeup and glasses). Kathy Griffin would be great, but, Andy Dick would just be annoying. A little of him goes a loooong way. Some of the stars in these lists are just too big to be on something like this, though. And I like it when they find someone you wonder "whatever happened to..." about. How about Cindy Brady? She's done radio and was always funny. How about Mary McDonough, she has lupus and is a chairperson etc., she is pretty mature. There always seems to be a mom and dad figure, a sexpot, a troublemaker, and a young guy and girl. Sometimes those figures overlap. OH and usually one kind of bizarre person too.

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    They should have asked the fans to pick the next cast. I love the suggestions here.

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