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Thread: Who Would you Cast for the Next Season?

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    Justa Guy Spike's Avatar
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    Feb 2004
    Anna Nicole Smith I love her
    Gilbert Gottfried hes funny
    Joan Rivers hate her but shes funny and will cause drama
    Conan O' Brien really really hope to see him out of his talk show.. hes not b-ist so i dont know if they will get him
    Kathy Griffin i love kathy i loved her on the mole she will bring little drama and great comedy

    thats my list... took a little from everyone else's.. i think that will be entertaining

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    Anna Nicole, Anna Nicole! w000t! [i]She can definitely go and make everyone's "Make me beautiful!" records![i]

    Kathe Griffin would be fabulous as well! Oh, and Andy Dick! I LOVE them two jokesters

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    Quote Originally Posted by HeIsTheManlyMan
    hmm...how about this list (has kind of a heavy sports bent to it, but I can't ignore the other two):

    Tina Yothers
    Frank Stallone
    Nancy Kerrigan
    Macho Man Randy Savage
    Margaret Cho
    Richard Simmons
    Brandi Chastain

    I also like the suggestions of Gilbert Gottfried, Urkel and Fred Savage.

    Wasn't Kathy Griffin on the first season as the cab driver/hostess?

    I'd love to see Elyse Sewell from America's Next Top Model, Jeff Conaway (Taxi) or Stephen Furst (St. Elsewhere), Jason Mewes (Jay sans Silent Bob), Tammy Pescatelli (Last Comic Standing). Can't think of any others. I was trying to come up with the sort of mix they've had in the past. I'm not real up on sports figures.


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    South Carolina
    Ok.. this is a challenge and I love a challenge

    Willie Aames- Eight is enough, Charles in Charge
    Corin Nemec- The Stand
    Todd Bertuzzi- NHL
    Lochlyn Munro- Northwood, White Chicks
    Andrew Shue- Melrose Place
    Nancy McKeon- Facts of Life
    Debbie Gibson- musical artist in the 80's
    Miss Cleo- Famed "Psychic"
    Keisha Knight Puliam- Rudy from Cosby Show

    How is that?
    Is probably over in the transcribing thread for Big Brother til death do us part.

    "I don't trust that girl with a ten foot pole." - Annie
    Whhhhaaaaat? LMAO

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    Anna Nicole
    Jennifer Tilly
    Danny Bonaduce
    Dennis Rodman
    A guy from Slayer or some other weird 80s group like that
    A random hot model guy

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    Danny Bonaduce
    Slash( from guns and roses)
    Alfonso Ribiero(sp)(Fresh Prince of bel air, he played Carlton)
    Terry Kiser( dead guy from weekend at bernies movie)
    Cheryl Miller(WNBA)
    Susan Olsen(Brady Bunch(
    Allison Argram( Nellie, Little House on the Prairie)
    Richard Moll( Night Court's Bull)

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    FORT Fogey Glitternerfball's Avatar
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    Jun 2003
    I like the idea of Richard Moll, or other night court alum. Marsha Warfield?

    I used to love Corin Nemec, but he's not hard up for jobs yet - he's still on some syndicated show I beleive (Stargate?)

    Tippi Hendren

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    FORT Fogey
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    Jun 2005
    The best cast memeber would be Toni Ferrari!

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    FORT Fan
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    Nov 2003
    Shannon Doherty [Beverly Hills 90210]
    Roseanne Barr [Roseanne]
    Puck Rainey [The Reak World]
    Dustin Diamond [Saved by the Bell]
    Dolly Parton [Country Singer]
    Geri Halliwell [Former Spice Girl]
    Boy George [Pop 80's Icon/Singer]

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    Sean Connery
    Michael Douglas
    Samuel L. Jackson
    Mel Brooks
    Quentin Tarantino
    Will Smith
    Robin Williams
    Nicholas Cage
    Tim Curry
    Sandra Bullock
    Julia Roberts
    Angelina Jolie
    Uma Thurman
    Drew Barrymore
    Demi Moore

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