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Thread: Who Would you Cast for the Next Season?

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    Some are interesting some are people whom you haven't heard of...

    Steve from Blue's Clues
    Mike O'Malley
    William Hung
    Mike Tyson
    Someone from The Bangles
    Kathy Griffin
    Miriam (some she-male reality star in the UK)
    Abi Titmuss (the other UK star)
    Basia (Polish singer, but I don't think she might fit in)
    Toni Basil
    Alan Thicke
    Josh Server
    Bill Belamy
    Jenna Jameson
    Anna Kumble (aka. Lolly)
    Maxi Jazz from Faithless
    Debbie...oops, I mean, Deborah Gibson
    Tom Green
    Rena Sofer - used to be in the US version of Coupling and was (I think) in Just Shoot Me
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    Quote Originally Posted by suckmytoes
    Here's who I would cast:
    1. Steve-O (from Jackass)
    2. Tina Fey (from SNL)
    3. Martha Stewart (from the "Martha Stewart" show)
    4. Ben Stein (Actor/Comedian)
    5. Al Roker (America’s Most Loved Weatherman)
    6. Yoko Ono (widow of John Lennon from the Beatles)
    7. Andy Milonakis (from the "Andy Milonakis" MTV show)
    Outside of suckmytoes great list, I think these folks would be a hoot to watch:

    Harvey Fierstein
    Gary Coleman
    Randy Jackson (from the Jacksons, not AI)
    Mike Tyson ( someone listed this already...too funny)
    Chris Tucker
    Howard Stern
    Naomi Campbell

    ...I want to see some good fights!
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    Bjork, execellent call.

    The show could uses some good crazies like herself.

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    hmm...how about this list (has kind of a heavy sports bent to it, but I can't ignore the other two):

    Tina Yothers
    Frank Stallone
    Nancy Kerrigan
    Macho Man Randy Savage
    Margaret Cho
    Richard Simmons
    Brandi Chastain

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    I would love to see these peoples on the next surreal life or someday.....
    Courtney Love
    Bobby Brown or Whitney
    Conan O' Brien :p
    Joan Rivers
    Gilbert Gottfried
    Bob Saget
    Jon Lovitz
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    Shucks! I forgot someone on my list...Ricky Martin, the original Mr. She Bangs.

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    I think it would be interestng to have:
    MIke Tyson

    locked in the house together

    Jon Lovitz and Gilbert Gottfried ar good as well.

    I was thinkin Fred Savage from Boy Meets World, he's nowhere anymore.

    Alton Brown from the Food Network

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    Courtney Love---I know she's already mentioned
    Gary Busey
    Anna Nicole Smith
    Bobby Trendy---the guy that designed ANS house
    Stone Cold Steve Austin
    Tommy Lee
    Mary Kate Olsen

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    Hmmm. I would want to see David Cassidy, Rick Springfield, Mary Lou Retton, Courtney Love (for some craziness), Dana Carvey hmmm I can't think of anyone else. Ooooh wait I know Tiffany. Yeah that sounds pretty okay. Can't think of a male supermodel besides Marcus.

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    Savion Glover
    Mr. T
    Willie Nelson
    The Miz
    Monica Lewinsky
    Traci Lords
    Carrie Fisherr
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