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Thread: 7/17/05 Recap: It's So...Surreal

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lonelyguy82
    daybreak, what exactly rain man stands for? I'm just wondering.
    'Rainman' was a movie starring Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman about a man who finds out as an adult that he has a brother and that the brother is an autistic savant. The brother's name was 'Raymond' but Tom's character mispronounced the name as a child and called him 'Rainman'. Tom's character always thought that 'Rainman' was an imaginary friend until one night Raymond tells him that he is Rainman and that he acidentally dropped Tom into a bathtub of hot water and hurt him as a small child. After that Raymond's parents send him away to a home to live. It's a very good movie (and I don't normally like Tom Cruise) but to call someone 'Rainman' is incredibly offensive. Janice has even less class that I originally thought.

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    Here is some info i found about ARC.

    What is The Arc?

    The Arc is the national organization of and for people with mental retardation and related developmental disabilities and their families. It is devoted to promoting and improving supports and services for people with mental retardation and their families. The association also fosters research and education regarding the prevention of mental retardation in infants and young children.

    When was The Arc founded?

    The Arc was founded in 1950 by a small group of parents and other concerned individuals. At that time, little was known about the condition of mental retardation or its causes, and there were virtually no programs and activities in communities to assist in the development and care of children and adults with mental retardation and to help support families.

    In the early days the association worked to change the public's perception of children with mental retardation and to educate parents and others regarding the potential of people with mental retardation. The Arc also worked to procure services for children and adults who were denied day care, preschool, education and work programs.

    Here is the link to the ARC website

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    Great recap, I look forward to reading more. Dang, that's all I need a great recapper to suck me into another reality show.
    Quote Originally Posted by Lonelyguy82
    And ARC... O>.. M...G>.>AKSLKDFJLKSD! Is that for real?!
    I am not sure if I am clear on you confusion (based on your smiley). If I interpret it correctly are you confused about the used if the word retarded in the organization's title?

    As others have stated retarded is not offensive but retard is. Retarded was the term that was commonly used term at the time the ARC was formed in the 1950s, currently others use terms like mentally disabled, developmentally delayed or mentally handicapped. Kinda like the C in NAACP stands for colored. However retarded is still considered an acceptable term to use (unlike colored).

    Personally I use the terms interchangeably, but there are times that I prefer retarded. I have a mentally disabled person in my family, but given that most people in my family are not well educated they did not grasp what mentally disabled / mentally handicapped meant in reference to the diagnosis of my niece, and there were a lot of accusations and judgements made. But we all knew what retarded meant, so our understanding and acceptance of my niece's condition would have come about a lot sooner if the term retarded was used.

    BTW, if I misinterpreted you post, please excuse me.

    P.S. I was a fan of Janice's on ANTM, but after only two episodes of SL she has lost me as a fan.
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    No, you interpreted right. Thanks!

    Funny, because right now, I'm attending to a community college called ARC (American River College).
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    ARC has been around forever, and is very respected. They do a lot of great things to improve/normalise quality of life for mentally challenged people. It's quite a serious organisation.

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