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Thread: 7/10 Show Discussion Thread *Spoilers*

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    Bronson, Omarossa where on Donny Deuscht talk show I think on Thursday and Janice was on a live feed. Bronson looked great and looks as if he lost a few pounds. All were civil and Janice remarkably civilized and sane. It looks as if most of what we saw is an act. Omarossa does say that she truly did not like Janice and kept calling her a geriatic something something model. Omarossa also says she likes playing the villan and that it was a lot of fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kepi37
    BUT am I wrong for thinking that if Jose had been putting his arm around her we would have different story line? I feel just because Bronson is not the typically most attractive guy around she was then bothered by his actions.

    I agree with a couple other posters. It doesn't matter why she was bothered.
    The fact that she was is enough. Sure, my opinion is that she way overdid it, but compared to the person who went through it, my opinion means very little.

    I'll bet Bronson does the Balki/Serge accent at bars, trying to get laid. I'll bet he wonders why it doesn't work like it used to.

    Does every female who was initially afraid of Jose eventually lust after him? Caprice, especially. She seemed terrified when he arrived,, then in the previews she appears to be the #1 hook-up possibility. Sure, Janice is interested. As long as it seems like her own idea, anything's possible.. but Caprice was literally fearful of this man.

    If Corey Feldman hadn't been in an earlier episode, I'd say this was the most dysfunctional yet.

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