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Thread: 7/10 Show Discussion Thread *Spoilers*

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    who agrees that Janice, Pepa, and Omarosa all look like drags.

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    Janice blamed her freak out on PMS. Do 60 year old women who have already gone thru menopause still have PMS? I think not. She seemed VERY VERY drunk but it could have been an after effect of all her druggie days as the "first supermodel" in the 1950's or something & who knew Dramarosa would be out Omarosa'd by someone??

    NO WAY, Janice would have gotten upset if Casey or Jose put their arm around her waist like Balke did, especially since Janice was blatantly groping her some Jose forearm at the dinner table.

    Agreed that Caprice pants, Pepa spray, HOsaycanyousee and Corey Hart are the cool ones so far.

    I canNOT believe Jan-ick would be SO crude and such a dramawh*re as to call a person with down syndrome 'Rainman'. What a comemayamaya beyotch!

    Hate her guts and unless Omarosa turns into Mother Teresa over the next few epi's I'll continue to hate her guts too. That is all..

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    She was totally checking for the camera out the corner of her eye during that phone call... to New York... to get someone to come "pick her up". And why was the strap ripped on her top? Pretty sure it was her that did that, so she could hold her shirt over her boob and stumble around bleery-eyed in the clip she hopes is syndicated on VH1's most outrageous reality tv show moments. Unfortunatly, when Omarosa really does something worth an outburst, everyone looks tired of her antics. I did laugh when she guessed Michael Jackson was the mystery cast member.

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    Balki got bulky. He's on the wrong VH1 show. He needs to be on Celebrity Hair Club for Men -- betcha thought I was gonna say Celebrity Fit Club 2, heh

    Quote Originally Posted by HeIsTheManlyMan
    eww...Bronson, you're...ick on a stick. Totally groady. If he put his hands on my hips like that, I'd probably scream and cry and break down too. And I'm a 200-pound guy.

    Janice is a mixed bag o' crazy. But knowing her childhood, I'd see how she would freak out by some middle-aged potbellied guy getting all familiar with her.
    I felt the same. It is always up to the "victim" to define how upset they are. Not only was Bronson in serious need of a molester class, but it was disturbing that other housemates (like the supposedly laid-back motorcyclist) judged her to be overdramatic and wished she would just mellow out. You have to give the victim the benefit of the doubt, always.

    I saw some E! True Hollywood Story or something where she said her dad beat her and molested her sister, so I can see how Bronson's creepy groping would freak her out.

    Btw, how old is Janice, if she's been drinking and taking drugs as she said for 47 years?

    I still like her. She was the only judge on America's Top Model who said what we thought (I compared her to Simon Cowell). I would have been irritated if she asked me a question and then interrupted the answer, but if Pepa was OK with it, who are we to judge?

    Quote Originally Posted by lil_romane
    who agrees that Janice, Pepa, and Omarosa all look like drags.
    They all looked the same when they were grilling Jose on the couch. It went from Janice to Caprice to Pepa and they all had collagen fat lips and brow lifts. It was like looking at the same face in three different color schemes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Harvest
    Btw, how old is Janice, if she's been drinking and taking drugs as she said for 47 years?
    She's 52, but I also heard the 47 comment. She's just shaving 5 years off for vanity.
    there is no energy shortage, there is a shortage of imagination

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    Quote Originally Posted by AIWANNABE
    No way, really? She still has to have a last name though.
    Her name is Omarosa Maginault-Stallworth.

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    Am i the only one who didn't think Janice looked bad?? i thought she looks great for her age

    And about the whole groping thing.. i belieave janice's sis was molested by her dad when she was really young. thats why she got so pissed of, wouldn't you??

    the whole maken fun of mentally retarded people.. he told her to bite him lmao.. but i dont think it was right to call them rainman or whatever she said, but janice is weird... she thinks stuff is funny that other people think is rude.. im like that too a little but not nearly as bad.

    Omerosa, what can i say? your a bitch lol


    The whole Janice O fight.. O said to janice, 'your kids must hate you' 'you ruined there life' and whatever, i would get pissed off too if someone said that to me,


    the rest of the cast quick notes
    O, Hate her
    Jose, Im digging Jose, not a big baseball fan but he seems cool, nless he doesn't beat anyone up lol
    Carpice, Hot and shes smart
    Pepa, She seems really cool
    Carey, Im liking him, he is a cool guy that i would totally hang out with.
    Bronson, Weird but funny guy... needs a bigger brain and a smaller sex drive lmao

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chorita KaBoom
    She's 52, but I also heard the 47 comment. She's just shaving 5 years off for vanity.
    Then she really doesn't look bad at all, especially for someone in her early 50s.

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    My husband and I were talking about how Janice and O were both b**ches, but different kinds. J- she says stuff, but most of the time shes just giving her opinion on it, even if it does sound uppity. O- shes just a liar and backstabber kinda gal. I like Janice despite herself...but the rainman comment next week is a little over the line for me. We'll see how it plays out tho.

    I was so totally in love with Jose when I was a teenager. BEFORE his 'roid days. He was the most beautiful man! I was a little worried with him doin this show that I would totally not like him, but he won me back when O was grilling him about beating his wife.

    Carey is a hottie! I read somewhere that Pink proposed to him recently. He's been Punk'd before but I dont remeber seeing the whole thing....think I changed the channel

    Pepa is the bomb....I missed the thing on the bottom when she was coming in...about Treach, they arent together anymore?

    I too am a little dissappointed in Pinchot. Some of the things he says ARE funny, but it seems he's majorly tryin to get some!

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    Did anyone notice that Bronson had a manpurse slung over his shoulder or in his hand particularly the entire episode, as if anyone would steal his wallet or credit cards. He does look as if he needs a better hair cut and yes lose about 30 to 40 lbs, but hey he is in his forties. Still as amusing as his comments are they do sound a bit like a bitter old drag queens.

    Janice, mmm, I think might be putting on an act. I saw her special on E! and she and sister were sexually abused by her father. That is one reason why she had so many problems with drinking and drugs in her model days. She did come across very together and hard bitten in the Behind the Scenes Special that's why some of the way she was acting came across so fake on this episode.

    Although, I don't like Omarossa, I can't blame her for grilling Jose over his rap sheet. In some cases it is best to get it over with else everyone will be wondering. I might have don't it myself.

    I liked Pepa and Caprice and Corey they seem to be the most level headed of the group.

    Bronson does have a problem with groping. He almost did touch Janice's breat during diner and he did hug her waist later. He also does not hear a woman say no, probably what got him into trouble before. I have a co worker who does that, pats you on the knee, pinche/tickles you in the waist. most times I don't mind but I know he does it on purpose and sometimes it is too much. He also has a finace. It is probably a technique that he developed to pick up girls and I can see that it might backfire.

    Hopefully things will pick up next week.

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