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Thread: Omarosa or Janice?

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    JANICE IS A HAS BEEN never will be AGAIN!!!

    Janice is so like totally jealouse of Caprice and amarosa. she thinks she's a super model but until now I have never heard of her. and she always has some thing negative to say about everyone and she is the homliest model i have ever seen. not only is she homely she has a ugly personality which makes her even uglier. caprice and amarosa and peppa are ten times more a super model and more well known then whats her name???? janice WHO!!

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    I think choosing between Omarosa and Janice is like choosing between hanging myself and blowing myself away with a gun. Both their voices are grating to me, I just cringe and die a little inside. However, I must say, I do enjoy it when those two fight.

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    Janice over Omagrossa any day. Janice I love her spunk... Omagrossa is just country and tired and full of pretention. She's a pretender.

    Janice at least is bigger than life and entertaining and occasionally we see she has a vulnerability in there somewhere... Oma just seems 100 percent ego and drive. You can find that in any Starbucks here in Tinseltown.

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    I can't get past how Janice treated the handicapped children. I know I should let it go, but after that show I really do despise her. Omarosa gained points in my book after that show. Janice is desperately trying to cling to what little fame she currently has and I just want to yell, "Newsflash, J, nobody cares."

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    Quote Originally Posted by lurkernomore
    Omarosa gained points in my book after that show.
    I actually didn't see anything that would have gained Omarosa any points there. She took over the team captain position before she knew who she would be captaining, so it's not like she made a grand gesture just for the benefit of ARC. That she managed to not say something like Janice said is also nothing to give her points over, because that's common sense, and if you give Omarosa credit for not saying the wrong thing, you have to give the same credit to Pepa, Caprice, Carey, etc., etc., etc. And even at that, Omarosa used her personal camera time to make herself sound like some sainted martyr who personally and courageously took up the banner for the ARC team members when no one else cared enough. And that's just not true. She volunteered to be the other captain, and she had no choice or foreknowledge who her team would be.
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    DRUMROLL......and the tally stands at......DRUMROLL:

    JANICE 26
    OMAROSA: 16
    BOTH: 9

    Many posts that were hard to decipher exactly WHO they liked, so if there are any errors in my adding... oh well.
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    What Janice said to the other team while bowling was inappropriate, but, somehow it was like she actually didn't 'get it'. Kinda like she equated it with 'hey batter batter' stuff like that. Or did she say she had a problem with playing there with them etc.? If so that's ignorant.

    Oma loses no chance to toot her own horn, even if it's about how much she does for charity. What Janice said wasn't nice though, no matter how you look at it. But for some reason it didn't seem malicious. Vain and clueless yes, but not malicious.

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    Omarosa and Janice are totally cutthroat to each other, but Omarosa is better.

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    I pick janice that psycho Bitch is funny and way more entertaining
    and that omerosa shud stop acting and start being the saint that she really is

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    I remember Janice back in the day. Her covers of Cosmo & Vogue made every woman want to be her and every guy want to bang her. I think she is funny as he11.

    Omarosa's 15 minutes were up last year and she needs to get off the camera!

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