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Thread: Omarosa or Janice?

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    I am sorry for the long post nervousing. When I am tired I have trouble simplifying. Yet I don't want to ignore someone's post if it is directly to me. I have been chronically fatigued lately (yes, that is official). Wish I could do better.

    Confused: LOL.

    FWIW this is all academic to me anyway. I find it relaxing to sort of dissect what we see on tv, and the concept of 'reality tv' is interesting to me. Just how real is real? And clearly even when it's meant as 'entertainment' people can get hurt for real.

    nervousing I also have not seen Janice on ANTM so I am speaking overall. I can't imagine her being truly nasty, then again I can see her having a way with words and not realising some of these girls might be a little more tender than she was. Ironically, her profession is one place where Janice is steely tough.

    I think what happened in the house was, her guard was down and she half thought she'd get some friends out of it, also the worry about being called crazy psycho crackwhore and what that might do to her career... I think it's when she can't get away from the source of stress that she will break down like we saw. That's from living in the same house as a monster for 16 yrs. The other castmates are not gonna quite get it unless they've been there. Bronson from his own stories should've known better.

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    It's fun to come here and see there are new posts. And I appreciate the time and effort it takes to post a well thought-out message. However, I had to give a heads up to everyone in case I address something that's already been resolved. Honestly, I did earlier skim some posts instead of reading them all the way through. Maybe another time...
    ::scolds self:: Bad (nervoursing) girl!

    Haven't heard anything about the Lifers since the airing of the last episode. Still don't understand the craziness overall.

    Next season I want some people with some backbone. I am really missing the 2nd season, 'cos overall I liked that season the best. They addressed everything. Season 3 was pretty good too. Oh, well. Next season we'll be missing this one. Not!
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    Oh, well. Next season we'll be missing this one. Not!
    LOL agreed! It was good (IMO) to see Janice again though. Also I discovered ANTM out of this, which I had seen a few min's of its first season and :yawn: But it's gotten much better! Just wish I'd have seen the ending of the ep where the models went to Japan for Japan Street fashion modeling lessons... and ended up with Mikimoto pearls! I didn't get to see the end of that one.

    I do notice they have Janice doing the wraparounds for all the (SL) promos. Then again she is living with a crew member LOL I'd like to see her have a show called Janice's Angels or something - similar to ANTM. She really shines in her element. Outside it, she is a bit of a puzzler.

    Who was in 2 & 3? By the time I heard of this show I think it was on 3 or 4... not sure. I saw part of the Ron Jeremy season and part of the Vince Neil season (Gaby was - blech. So fake. That season the scapegoat was Corey, I think?) I've seen bits and pieces of different seasons in reruns.

    It is all a lot easier w/TiVo! Few shows are worth gluing oneself to the screen for (waiting for it to come on). Plus stations seem to air longer and longer commercial breaks. Breaking Bonaduce is the worst for that. I think the ads and show are about equally long! That FF button is worth the cost in itself.

    I like seeing new posts pop up too. It's fun

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    I was going to say something about the long post Brandy, but I did not want to be rude. I hate reading. I do that in class all day and then I come here and there are these novels you have typed out. No hard feelins though

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    LOL sorry. Sorry sorry sorry ;P

    Point taken guys, but thanks for being nice about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aga
    Janice has had a wierd fixation with Omarosa since the beginning of the show. In the early episodes of the show, Janice was the provacateur / aggressor. Remember comments like, "Mr. Ed on Crack," and "Rick James' Siamese twin"? And the lowest of the low, her behavior at the bowling game - offering to coach the other team, backing out, Omarosa offering to step in and Janice out of blue calls her a whore (then there were the retard and Rain Man comments).

    Janice dished it out and Omarosa served it right back to her and a whole lot more. I have already opined that Omarosa is an opportunist and she has no moral compass, but it is difficult to feel sympathy for Janice when she for whatever reason acted out on her obsession with Omarosa. If you have ever seen Janice on America's Next Top Model, you would know that she does have a cruel streak. More often than not, she was blunt with the contestants, but she would at times cross into cruelty.

    I have no idea why someone of Janice's stature would even care about the likes of Omarosa. In fact, it could be argued that at the beginning Janice did consider Omarosa the weak link of the group, because after all Omarosa comes with a lot of (richly deserved) baggage, and like a kid on the playground Janice set out to marginalize Omarosa, but guess what? Omarosa did not roll over as expected and in fact counterattacked and that is what we witnessed in the last few episodes.
    Aga, I sooo agree with all you wrote. And further, I feel that Oma is not only the victor of the two, but also the better person of the two.

    Janice's behavior in the early episodes was abhorant and completely unrespectable. I believe she deserved much worse than what Omarosa and the cast dished to her. Whether or not she is a mother, she clearly needs some psychiatric help today. And regardless of whether or not she does crack (I doubt she does, although her actions seem to imply some guilt of doing it in the past), she still seems to be emotionally dysfunctional. And we all know that nobody that emotionally dysfunctional should be allowed to raise kids.

    I don't care if they're her kids, if she's provided them food/shelter/clothing for umpteen years, she still has no business interacting with children during their formative years. I cannot fathom that someone who displays her kind of behaviors, statements, and rants has not already had her children taken away from her. She has no right to taint ANY CHILD with her unstable personality.

    Exposure to someone like that, especially interspersed with parent/child intimacy, destroys a child's chances for emotional normalcy. I really think it's criminal. It is much worse than smoking crack, since crack only does physical harm. I don't think Janice smokes crack these days. But I feel tremendous sympathy for her children -- it makes me sick.

    I say kudos to Omarosa. The best thing that can come out of this is Janice watching her own lunacy on film and deciding to employ a full-time anger-management therapist. Janice is not a normal human, and she needs protected from herself, and any kids she may have will also need protected from her (but it's too late).

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    fireflyer, please don't forget there were no kids around during any of that. Janice was dancing in Vegas, or in front of the SL cameras. But I did not see her kids witness any of that 'wild' stuff. Adults are entitled to have some fun in a disco if they want to. Also, Janice was on tv, performing.

    I think it's a pretty thin 'excuse' to take someone's kids away - especially based upon the word of an apparent liar like Oma. Like the "N word" incident that seemingly never happened during Apprentice. Like claiming "I didn't know Janice was on the phone" when Oma answered it. And all the other little things the SL editors showed about Oma.

    As for Oma being a 'victor' - what was there to win? The whole thing was childish.

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    OK, true. It just scares me. You can't ever have a "re-do" on childhood.

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    It is true, you can't have a re-do on childhood, but I think Janice herself knows that better than many people. I thought it was childish and malicious of Omarosa to constantly bring up Janice's children, and to make endless "crack whore" remarks.

    Omarosa fancies herself this Great Villainess and Master Manipulator, but I have seen 14 year olds fight with more finesse.

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