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Thread: Omarosa or Janice?

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    Originally Posted by coleslaw50
    As a lesser of two evils I will say Janice.
    I agree
    Chittlins forever y'all!

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    Ron85 Janice used to be on tons of covers and was all over Cosmo and Vogue in her day. She really was a big time model. As she said, she had what, 400 covers of Vogue? Thing about Janice is, at least she does not make things up, unlike say, Omagrossa.

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    Double post cos...(I couldn't edit mine any more) & I thought you all might want to read this?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Ron85
    Never said anything offensive to her???? Janice always seems to be jealous of Omarosa for some reason. Doing the modleing thing and the strip thing she only made comments about Omarosa trying to act like a runway model. All of them were doing that why didn't she say something about Caprice. I don't feel sorry for her. She made fun aof mental kids and then wants sympathy when someone talks about hers. B*tch please. Write another book and pay for your crack with it.
    Ron85, Janice said those things in a confessional after all that and the whole beef happen. Before her and O had any tiff, in the beginning, Janice was very nice to Omorosa and all the casts (cept for Bronson maybe). Didn't they seem to get along just fine until Press Day (AKA Omorosa's chance for dire need of media attention)?

    Janice, didn't make fun of the kids on purpose either. Clearly Janice didn't mean anything offensive although she should've never said that, Janice did stopped once Bronson told her and she said it with a "Oohhh." She didn't think before she said all those things but it looked to me, Janice was really nice to the kids and treated them equally like she'd treat any other person. I don't mind Janice's insaneness because it humors me, but c'mon Omorosa? Why are you so cruel and arrogant???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amy Lee
    Janice is dilusional but omarosa is a walking nightmare.
    They are both walking nightmares!
    Quote Originally Posted by GlitterGabi
    I feel for Janice, she's got some problems, but it makes her completely entertaining. Omarosa on the other hand is just a fame-seeking diva. Whereas Janice has earneed her fame. Go Janice!
    Nothing Janice has done on this show makes her entertaining. I'm not defending O's actions, but at some point Janice had to seek fame too (before she "earned" it). She just waited until after she had it to act an ass, and O is acting an ass while "earning" it.
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    Janice, she just dont give a @#$#$@#$. Omarosa is only concern about how her fans what her to be...

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    Oma needs a stylist. Her fashion sense is so cheap and so country! Overdressed at every turn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by firepixie
    i never saw either in prior shows so i guess i start with a clean plate.

    maybe i'm missing something but omarosa seems....okay on this show.

    janice on the other hand comes off as a horrible, jealous (insecure), insensitive (i still can't get over the bowling scene) witch.
    People are only seeing what they want to see. Janice's behavior on this show has been nothing short of--ludicrous. That she would still have some fans, and still be considered somehow better than Omarosa is just beyond me and makes no sense.
    I know O acted the fool on The Apprentice but its time for people to let that go and open their eyes to what is happening now. You can't hold that against her forever.

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    What do you feel is happening now, Lala, that no one's getting?

    We've watched Oma take all this far too seriously and go way beyond the line. Her picking on Janice who herself admits is 'a mess' is just way too gleefully sadistic. It is disturbing.

    I have no antipathy toward Oma from before this because I did not even watch "The Apprentice". I do think her ego seems huge for someone who is basically a losing contestant on a game show.

    But huge egos are not new in show biz. It is her blurring of the lines and going for hurt for real that I find chilling. I still get the creeps when she walks out there with "Look at Bison" utterly not taking in anything around her.

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    Totally agreed.
    "Being famous does not make you a hero." Zeus in Hercules

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